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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Morichai, May 13, 2008.

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  1. :heart: AHH ohmygoodness that is gorgeous!

    So lovely and the colors are perfect and the background and just :heart:. Thank you.
  2. i hope you like it ^_^
  3. [​IMG]

    sorry for the wait ang ^_^
  4. nice!

    here's a cokkie from my grattude! :cookie:

    (now how to get this onto my avitar.)
  5. oh right, okay ^_^

    Quote the post above yours to get the link to it

    go to my control center and edit avatar ^_^

    Paste the link in the field and hey presto!
  6. Mmmm...

    I should like one, I surmise, if you're willing to spend the time on li'l ol' me.~:heart:
  7. i can dooooo ~

    who do you want me to attempt?
  8. Erm, sorry if this had bugged you and the rest of the others here.

    Can I have one? I'm not very good at art, even when it comes to Adobe Photoshop CS2.
    You draw so good. x.x I want one headshot. Just one.

    Can you do different sizes? I just want it for my Chirou Character, so It should be 95 x 95. If you do just regular avatars, You can just put it in the size you're happy with.
    Thanks. I hope.
  9. Squeee ^_^ it's no problem att allllllllll~ i can draw females better than males aswell so yay whee *steals*

    I'll do both if you want, an avatar and a character profile one :heart:!
  10. Thanks! You can do whatever that makes you happy with it.
  11. charrie prof: [​IMG]


    Chirou ~
  12. Oh my Goodness!
    Thank you! I love your art!

    Oh wait,
    The avatar for the Character profile was a little too small, it sorta made the pic a little weird. Sorry, but can you resize it? Thanks.
  13. i'll put up a bigger version sooon :P
  14. Thanks. I don't have a problem with the small one at all.
  15. [​IMG]

    the right dimensions :heart:!
  16. Thanks!
    Sorry, but I want another headshot of my Character Coa.
    But since you have slow internet, just do it later. Sorry.
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