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  1. Shriker

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    We have three lucky winners for our hatchday raffle! Congratulations to: @Cawby @Pendzez Zazkex and @Rythe

    They've all won the prizes that are listed here.

    Please send me a private message with your mailing address if you wish to receive the world map print. :heart:

    Also, please let me know which character you would like drawn (it doesn't have to be your character, although I'd prefer if it were a Ramathian one). You have the option of either having a character portrait drawn up similar to these ones:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    or, a full body pixel art drawing like this (as I'm still on a pixel kick):

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  2. Rythe

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    Woo! Awesome! And Congrats to Cawby and Pendzez as well! ^^

    I'm planning on going for the portrait, but gimme a little bit to work through some other stuff first.
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