Event Happy 15th Hatchday & Discord Integration!

Thread in 'Announcements' started by shriker, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. Time sure does fly! We've survived another rotation around the sun, and we're incredibly close to getting our driver's license.

    Discord Integration

    Want to chat with other in real time, or maybe play a game or two with Shadowlack members off-site? If you have a Discord account and associate it with your Shadowlack account, you'll inherit all of your Shadowlack roles (and get a coloured name if you happen to have a Magos account). Join us!

    Associate your account, and then join the chat!


    We're experimenting with Notebook.ai to house all of Shadowlack's world building information instead of MediaWiki. Experiments are forthcoming, but it's all looking really promising.

    New Forum Style WIP

    A new forum style called "Fronimium" is in the works. Feel free to use the style chooser in the footer of the site to check out the new WIP style.
  2. Woohoo! :D

    *joins all the things*

    Also the themes are looking sweet! I totally didn't realize there was a dark one. Hehehe~
  3. There's going to be another new dark one to match the style I'm currently working on. It may or may not end up becoming default as well. It all depends on which one ends up looking nicer. :)
  4. Oooo~
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