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Thread in 'Help Desk' started by Lautir, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. I've discovered we can no longer delete our own characters so I'll need your god-like powers of destruction Jods =D

    Could you delete Cilea for me? I've migrated all her info over to the wiki and I'm ready to bring my new character into playable existence!
  2. Can do, madam. First one is free! :P

    I really need to figure out a process for this sort of thing too. I think in the future I want to try to get people to transfer their old characters to new players.
  3. I'm afraid I would be too protective for transferring, it would make me cling to them more, haha.

    But I like the idea of there being a list of adoptable characters for new characters to browse through, it could make for a very helpful starting point to have a character who is already mildly established.

    Many thanks! :music:
  4. Maybe people could end up using roleplay/activity points in order to archive a character and free one of their character slots. I just think transferring to another player would cost less/potentially be free if given to a new player. :)
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  5. :D :heart:

    My inner librarian also just really loves the idea of archives.
  6. Giant and weighty character tomes! :) Cilea is the first and last that I'll be archiving without the use of roleplaying points (have decided to call them "glims"). I'm hoping to get a little glim shop up and running later this week.
  7. Oooh yes, I got a glim notification a few weeks ago, wasn't sure if they were sticking around or not. *hoards glims*
  8. Yes... people are already accumulating them behind the scenes. :D Mwahahaha.
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