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Thread in 'General Chat' started by shriker, Aug 3, 2014.

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  1. Has anyone else seen it yet? I managed to catch it yesterday evening and it was really good. Seriously. If you like Shadowlack, you will probably like Guardians of the Galaxy. It's my favourite movie so far this year.
  2. Everyone has gone to see this already and it's only been out for a few days! I'm hoping to treat myself to it later this week or next if I can get life to slow down for a bit. Everyone is saying good things so I'm excited to watch it :)
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  3. Go, go, go! If not for the engaging plot, then for the multitudes of eye-pretties and brief glimpses of lore. The talking raccoon isn't half bad either.
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  4. I gotta say, I had more fun with Guardians of the Galaxy than just about every movie in recent memory. There's quite a lot to enjoy about it.
  5. Tomorrow my jealousy will end :p
  6. One of us, one of us! Haha. Really though. I think it's my favourite sci-fi movie since the Fifth Element.
  7. I don't want to say disappointed, but I did feel a little let down by the movie. Yes, it looked great, the soundtrack was a lot of fun, but there was something that was keeping me from fully investing in the story and I'm not sure what it was. Either it was the casual sexism or the lack of character development and solid plot. Everyone's sob back story felt forced and every time they had a moment to explain one of them I was more annoyed then intrigued. Karen Gillan seemed to think yelling her lines gave them more weight and her character was completely wasted.

    I guess, I just had really high hopes given how much other people were loving it. But I do gotta give props to Chris, his comedic background really helped him nail a bunch of his one-liners. I just wish he's character had a bit more too him.
  8. I'm totally with you for about being let down. The character development was really lackluster (really, on par with most of the rest of the Marvel franchise). For the most part (at least for me), some of the characters were sexist, but not the entirety of the movie itself. I get the feeling that fans of the comic book would feel a lot more "filled in" and that it wasn't the best as a standalone story. Although that's usually how I end up feeling over most movies that are made out of comics/books.

    Yet... Groot and Rocket. D:
  9. Groot and Rocket are a pretty kickass team. Actually Groot might have been my favourite character xD

    I think what really got me was when Drax just called Gamora a whore. Like... the fact that they did that and still got away with a G rating really rubs me the wrong way. This a movie that kids are going to be quoting to each other all summer :/ Not only that but he was set up as a character who is completely literal. So him saying that means he literally thinks that she's slept with everyone and this devalues her.
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  10. Drax really was something else. :( I also had no idea it had gotten away with a G rating in Quebec. That feels wrong. It looks like it got a PG (or equivalent) in most places. I probably would have put it at 14A.
  11. Well, it got a PG-13 in the US, and that's about right for it.

    Then you kinda have to accept that people are always going to produce things with a slant, either their own or the slant they hope feeds into their audience, and Hollywood is nothing even close to resembling the exception to that.

    And I've also had to accept that character development no longer exists in Hollywood scripts. As far as the action/sci-fi/fantasy block goes, I think you have to look at Ender's Game for character development, and that was abridged. Then Serenity. Then Man On Fire. If you take those as some of the highlights, you can really see the trend. Even The Hobbit trilogy has been a let down in the area, and they had to break the original material to do it.

    So I called the movie fun, very fun even, and enjoyed it for what it was worth - not great, or amazing, or deep, or anything like enlightening, but still, quite a lot of fun.

    Drax is a silly Comic Book setting artifact, and they handled him pretty well for what that character entailed. Regrettable, but he had some decent parts, and he could have been a whole lot worse. And you have to admit that that character was the one to reform the most as far as the main cast went, and so probably had the most character development by far. On the other hand, our world is filled with broken, biased people, and pretending they don't exist is as much a disservice as the over-arching biases people are tired of seeing in their media. So that one's always going to be a bit of a shifting target and a bit of a toss up in my book.

    Personally, I'm downright exhausted of brutalized female protagonists, but still, they have their place. Here and there...

    Edit - Speaking of brutalized female protagonists, I forgot to mention Salt for that character development thing.
  12. While I'll accept that everything has a slant, I'm not really ready to continuously fight against the slopped mountain that is Hollywood :p

    I'm not ready to so easily relinquish character development, How to Train Your Dragon 2 actually had character development and was also super fun.

    I didn't really have too many problems with Drax until that line. Sure I found him rather repetitive and flat until he got his moving on moment but I saw where he fit in.

    For me it's that these things could have easily been avoided, I'm just tired of Hollywood not trying. I have a hard time seeing past them so it stops me from being able to fully engage in the 'fun' aspect of it. But they're getting a sequel so I guess I can wait till then to see if they're going to make any changes in the right direction.
  13. Part of my problem is that I've been confronted again and again by the realization that Hollywood and the Gamer verse just aren't making stories for me anymore. Yeah, there's the rare offering that I really, truly enjoy, but those are far and away the exceptions. It's like the magic is gone, and I'm not sure if it's more me or them. Either way, I have basically given up, and the really good stuff (like the Lego Movie) have become pleasant surprises, ships passing in the night, and all that.

    So it's the part of me that's given up that was able to really enjoy the simple fun of Guardians of the Galaxy.

    You do have a very good point about How to Train Your Dragon 2, though. That movie was fun and had good character development, but in its case, the only thing that's really stuck with me is the mother's piece to the whole story. It's a movie that tilts the loss of magic issue to maybe having more to do with me.
  14. Oh it's not just you, I definitely get the same feeling these days. A bit of a disconnect. Which is probably why I don't go to the movies that much or even play games as much as I used too. I try to follow the indie scene a little more since they do more unique things and tell more relatable stories :3

    I do still want to see the Lego Movie as well, heard lots of good things!
  15. Wow, this pretty much sums the movie up perfectly for me. I think, like Rythe, I've hit the point of giving up too though, and after you do that the movie is actually pretty fun. And the soundtrack was pretty awesome!
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