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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Lautir, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. It's that time of year again, free from the restraints of deadlines and expectations. Meaning it's time to get back to the good stuff :] I have some minor plot points that can be worked on, but I'm pretty much open to anything!

    Teolun; Bit of a power hungry, manipulative gal, trying to gather a following in to her escapist cult that specializes in her dream weaving everyone into a "perfect world" for a limited amount of time. All may apply.

    Kazul; He's going through a bit of a rough patch. Experimenting with concoctions to help enhance his abilities. Sleep walking is still an issue. Could do something at Janardan Academy.

    Cilea; I have a thread idea in mind for her, at start anyway. Playing at a piano cafe in Watani close to campus.

    Maeanu; Works at The Gravedigger most nights. Loves to ice skate since it's now Mia.

    I'm also really open to your character already knowing one of mine. Cilea moves through numerous social crowds, Kazul mostly just at the school (students/teachers). Teolun is a vagabond and Mae meets people at the bar.

    My other characters are up for some action too, they just haven't been that vocal in my mind lately.

    <span style='color:red'>Notice</span>;Some of my character profiles are really old and need to be updated. I'd almost prefer if you didn't read them xD
  2. i didn't notice it was Mia! YAY.

    umnnn, i think Nyym and Kazul could work well together. we could have them be at Janardan in the same class and get assigned to work together.

    and i think Maeanu and Lamaria could be chums. they could know each other through a mutual friend, and meet up randomly while Lamar is visiting Watani. the random meeting plot might involve roofies and a work night for Maeanu (;
  3. Ehhe, I guess I should have mentioned that Kazul is a teacher and not a student, my bad ^^; So working on a project wouldn't work. But I could see him leading a helping hand in the library to any students are around since he'd spend a fair bit of time in there.

    Could see a meet up between Lamaria and Mae, either on the way to work or on the way back. Haunting the streets at night~
  4. oh! i should've read his profile more carefully. hmn, i'm not sure then. he could always accidentally come across Nyym while sleepwalking... during a time when Nyym is up to no good/summoning the dead. ;P

    and i just realized how my roofie comment might've been taken the wrong way. ^^;;; i was thinking actually, Mae is working a night at the Gravedigger and Lamaria is there by her self, cos she got stood up. upset at another shoddy date, she gets herself pretty drunk. someone roofies her. then... well, then. (:
  5. Kazul could walk out a door and Nyym could think he was some summoned dead thing! xD

    I'm down with that. The Gravedigger is getting some love recently xD Mae can comfort her and make sure she doesn't do some crazy drunk shenanigans.
  6. ohooo, that is toooo good! does he live on campus though?

    and Mae can also make sure Lamaria doesn't pass out in the midst of things :3

    so, want to start one of these threads now?
  7. Yep, he lives on the teachers floor, so he could come out of pretty much any room from his night wanderings.

    We could either each start one or should we just do one at a time right now?
  8. oh okay@ how about i'll start Lamar's and you start Kazul's?

    i might be a while. i've just recently acquired a nasty flu.
  9. Eep, get yourself lots of rest and lots of fluids :o

    Sounds like a plan.
  10. Do I hear a plot in progress?
  11. *plot bunnies sneak by making noise*

    Should one our old threads be resurrected for some finishing? Or do you want jump into something new? :rapine:

    And we can use here to toss around possible plot directions now :D
  12. Definitely, the plots of old. I remember upgrading Veja for it. He was going to turn semi-stalkerish.
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