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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Leech, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. i have been inactive-due to my inability to be creative. So I am giving up my characters. If anybody wants them, they can be yours. If not, they shall be deleted. I know they all suck for the most part anyways, so I am not surprised if you dont want them.

    But untill I actually come up with a decent character for myself to play, I shall lurk here, and feed off the brain juices of Alexander, or Mori....or Fey if I can muster the patience to set up burmese tiger traps.
  2. Aw. Don't delete your characters. I don't think that they suck at all. D:

    Not to mention that characters, like all things, you can expand upon. It's always pretty fun to revisit and revamp a character. I could give you a few suggestions if you're looking for some as well.
  3. Dun delllllllete them D:

    revamppppppp *pokes*

    i help chu :3
  4. Aw Dan. If you have to disappear please don't delete your chars. It'd be good to see you come back. Y'never know, dude, you might get a flash of inspiration for one of them!

    *Offers some brain juice to you with a straw - 'cuz I'm thick*
  5. I decided I am going to revamp them! :D

    I actually had some interesting creativity juices flowing while I was at work today (but i didnt get any work done because of it. XD)

    I am deleting Joey and Lyba Kisan. Unless someone wants to RP adopt Lyba. But I have a start off plan for Temyc and Julia and it might evolve from there!

    *sucks on Alex's brain juices* Mmmm! Like Jamba Juice!
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