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Thread in 'World Building' started by shriker, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. What sort of things would you like to be able to buy from the Glim Shop? Let me know. ;) The more popular a suggestion is, the more likely it will be implemented quicker. So be sure to comment and/or like other people's suggestions if you like them.

    A few existing suggestions are:
    • DONE - New character slots / archiving an existing character
    • DONE - Adding additional trades to a character
    • DONE - Upgrading existing character trades
    • Promoting a character's trade to "Grand Master" instead of Master
    • Character trait swapping
    • Special HTML user titles, with images and the like... plus the ability to gift/prank other users with custom titles
    • Icons you can either equip your character and/or profile with
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  2. I like special time limited privilege's or special talismans or possibly pets.
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  3. I hadn't thought about pets. We used to have a pet/genetics breeding program a very long time ago. It'd be kind of neat to tie that back into character profiles. :)
  4. Upgrading existing character trades i think is a great option.
    Also the HTML titles and the gifting/pranking options seems like fun. Hehe~

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