Gion Sclerosis

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Pendzez Zazkex, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Disease Name: Gion Sclerosis

    Major headaches
    Hardening of certain parts of the brain
    Increased mental power development

    Gion Sclerosis is a rare condition that happens to 5% - 10% of the population of Ramath-lehi. It can affect every species. It causes certain of the brain to harden. Major headaches are a way of noticing that the person has the sclerosis.

    In rare cases of the condition, it can increase mental development, but for Mentalist like those with telepathy and telekinesis. There were some reports that it can increase I.Q.

    However, people were only diagnosed with a lesser condition. However, there was reports that one was diagnosed with a worse case of it. It was so bad that his whole brain was nearly stiff Along with that, his mental power was drastically increased. No one knows who, however.

    Further study is needed to determine how it is caused

    Prevention & Treatment:
    A vaccine was made to neutralize the condition. However, only secret injections were administered because the drug ministry council rejected it because it would interfere with the serum production.
  2. The first thing I noticed about this is that it affects a very large percentage of the population (The possibility of 1 in 100? Yikes.). By the sounds of the disease, I think it should be more of a rare occurrence.

    You also mention two types: the full blown, as well as the lesser condition. It would be a good idea to further define the differences between them. Is it also possible for someone who has been diagnosed with a lesser version to get the full version? If so, what are the odds?

    By including a mention of the Mentalist, the disease itself is reading just like a rather vague plot device. It'd like it better if you were to include generalizations about what the disease can possibly do instead of mentioning known individuals. The link between the two would be better suited toward an in character news post. :)

    You have to list some causes, or at least suspected causes. Is it genetics? Is it passed on by infection? Something in the environment?

    The reason why the drug ministry is only administering secret injections is unclear as well. You said it was a vaccine, which means that this disease is preventative. A vaccine doesn't neutralize a disease. It's generally a preventative measure taken against it (in order to give immunity). To have a vaccine would mean that they most likely know the cause of the disease as well. So that part is generally just rather confusing.
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