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  1. *SQUEE* THAT IS SO CUTE. Love muffins to you!
  2. ^_^

    *pounce snuggle*

    thank yewwwwww ^_^
  3. Awww that is cute lol
  4. Lol its nice ^^ just didnt expect it.

    thankies *huggles*
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Jessicat! erm its a pic of Kailea (i tried D:) um :heart:
  6. IÂ’m entirely impressed by this art work
    (I can't color anything without ruining it!)
  7. Very cute lol ^^
  8. [​IMG]

    i'll do a few watercolour requests, if anyone wants one :heart:
  9. Sure, i'll try ^^
  10. Oooo can you do Phoenix? Purdy please? :) I give cookies?? and donuts??? x :)
  11. Oh, he looks cute. :) :heart:
  12. EEEEE. STEPHI-MUFFINS!!!!! KAILEA IS SO CUTE I LOVE IT! *tackleglomps* Awww thank you thank you thankyou! :heart:3333
  13. SQUEEE!!! OMFG I LUB YOU!!!!!! :D :donut: :cookie: :donut: :cookie: :donut: :cookie: :donut: :cookie:

    That is awesome :D I would ask for Lukia but I'll let others nab one :P
    *huggles* :D :muffin:
  14. no one else has asked so i'll do lukia too ^^
    i'll make her a relevant size so you can put her on your profile without it pixelatting ^^
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