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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Muerrin, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Almost everyone here has at least one young, city-dwelling character, some of which don't exactly live on the right side of the law (the alternative to right being wrong, not left :P). I'd like to get some of these characters together in a small, largely harmless and entirely good-natured gang, maybe even two small gangs (and if one was less harmless than the other, this would create interesting drama). Doesn't the idea of a little group of riffraff all hanging out together, tagging cars at night, just warm the cockles of your delinquent heart? And hopefully there will be scuffles at local clubs and small concerts, involving the breaking of chairs over heads and the jumping through of windows. And many joints smoked over the course of many threads.

    I'm creating a character for this purpose, although he might be rejected (he has "a background that might make a better daytime soap opera," as the character creation sheet says so succinctly). If anyone's interested in this plot, you're welcome to make characters or try to incorporate your existing street urchins.

    Please, please respond. Otherwise I'll feel all rejected and stuff. You can even respond to tell me how dumb my idea is. u_u
  2. I am soooo putting Meth into this. I mean, he's a prostitute and a student of the darker arts, heehee. :heart:
  3. I could kind of see Maeanu getting into something like this. Mainly because sheÂ’s been lonely since she started living on her own and she isnÂ’t afraid of pushing the limits of the law.

    The only thing is that she might find it childish and below her to do something like car tagging, she would support writing anti-government messages though. And IÂ’d love to have a character jump through a window :D
  4. I could definately see one of my characters doing this. All of them really have some sort of "delinquent" streak to them, lol. Pick whoever you feel is best. =^_^=
  5. Yesss, people are responding! This is good! This is super great. :heart:

    So, ah. My character, whose name is Avery but he goes by Shug (that's short for Sugar, hahah) on the street, is 27, but any age over 20 or so should be cool. I can't really see him hanging around with teens, so Shadow, I'd say pick one of your relatively older characters. :P

    This'll be interesting to arrange. Where do all of y'all's characters live?
  6. /o/

    Once I get my characters recovered, I will definitely have someone to throw in~
  7. Mae lives and works in the Black Market, but has been known to wonder to Terhesian Port every now and then. SheÂ’s also trying to get a job in Watani so she can also be found loitering around there on some days.

    Sil, do you still need DysÂ’s last name, because I know I have that around somewhereÂ…
  8. Hmm... I'm pretty sure the gang should be in Watani. That's where all the dance clubs and whatnot are located, and our characters should have a pretty involved nightlife. :P Can Mae get that job, or would you rather she stay situated in Bhim, Lau?

    But on another note, I wrote into my character's backstory that he's grown up with a group of riffraff, but I can easily edit that out. Should all our characters meet now, or do you think we should ghost a little into their histories so they've known each other for a while?
  9. I've got it, Lautir~ Rymapumkaj/Bonedancer~

    Watani seems to be the location for 'dragon youth these days. Seems to be the logical place to start something involving that age group.
  10. I wouldnÂ’t want to move it to Bhim for her, but even if you got the job in Watani I donÂ’t think sheÂ’d move. But it isnÂ’t much of a problem, she pretty much only uses her apartment for sleep and storage. So having her spend all her spare time in the Watani area wouldnÂ’t be too strange.

    Maybe IÂ’d just have her as someone who only makes guest appearances :p Like weekends or something.

    I donÂ’t think youÂ’d need to change his history. It could be a gang that goes years back but over time the members have changed. Lost some gained some.
  11. I'd be glad to ghost something into Meth's history - he doesn't have a history, anyhow, at the moment. xD
  12. *scuttles in* Is it to late to join this wondiferous plot? I been looking for something like this for Ekslik and Kilske for a long time. Mostly Ek. >>
  13. >__>

    Novabucks. XD
  14. Omg PF, please join us! :heart:

    HOKAY, SO.</a> is ze profile for my character (he got accepted? INCONCEIVABLE). See what you guys think, regarding the history of the gang. I've also mentioned on his profile a little bit about their hang-out, a two story piece of crap apartment in a nearly-abandoned building, called the Hole.

    Yah baby. Novabucks. ;D
  15. Hahaha >< Novabucks. Thats awesome. :milk:

    I like it. Nothing epic...just honest simple riffyraffyness.
  16. Well, I mean... It could become epic. I hope there'll be some pretty epic gang violence. But if you're talking about like, underground militant revolution epic, then no. xD
  17. Yer...swhat I meant. The underground thing. None of that. I like the idea of nice exciting plots without the world blowing up and epic timers ticking in the background. Small scale epic is good.

    Nice ol' running from the plain and simple law enforcement, hiding out in places and being bad ars. Whoot.
  18. Maybe Fre might make a good thief if this gang has a good leader. By the way how young are we talking?
  19. Where can I get in on some of this ticking down timer action? I want explosions! :D

    So far age wise, 20+.
  20. It would be the Ramaithian version of 24: 28

    Haha ><

    Whoot. I cant wait to get this party started.
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