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  1. So, who out there would call themselves a gamer (casual, hardcore, or anything in between)? Interested in playing with fellow Shadowlackies? Is that what we're called? Oh well, it sounds cool so I'll run with it. What luck that everything out there seems to have a friending element to it! Personally, I'm usually on steam or xbox live, although I do occasionally roll around with my 3DS when I'm being lazy, and I love to play with new people. Anyone down for exchanging info? Tell me what you're playing! Make recommendations or warn us away from terrible Steam sale regret purchases!

    Right now I'm trying to work my way through Anna - Extended Edition which is... creepy and weird, to say the least. It's fun, but man does it ever have a few jumpy moments going for it. Not gonna lie, my Steam library is mostly weird indie horror games these days.
    Anyways, here's my info! Feel free to hit me up if you play on any of these platforms c:

    Steam: vicioushallway
    Xbox Live: vicioushallway
    3DS: 3754-6704-0976
    Obligatory Be Careful warning to members under 18 about adding strangers from the internet!
  2. Mmm, let's see. Firstly, Shadowlack's Steam group:

    Now for me. I mostly play ARPGs (Path of Exile, Diablo, Torchlight, etc.), the occasional RPG, and a bunch of things that have co-op play. I recently setup a media centre/gaming rig in my living room that is connected to Steam. So that gets used fairly frequently (eg, I'm not always the only one signed into my Steam account).

    3DS: 3454-2223-5466 (I only got a 3DS yesterday... so friends are needed.)​

    Currently playing... Pokemon X.
  3. Oooh, Shadowlack group! I'll just quietly join that...

    Haha, I've had a 3DS since... ah, probably when they announced X/Y were going to be a thing, but I'm terrible about remembering to add people. I just drag it to campus and cons to pick up streetpasses.
  4. I didn't want to get the 3DS because of the reduced battery life. I previously got 15-19 hours of battery life out of my DS lite. 3.5-5.5 hours out of the 3DS? Gaah. How are you supposed to play Pokemon in 3.5 hour stints? :P As you can see, I finally caved.
  5. These days, I play games to decompress and not be bored. This makes my present habits and selections, ah...quixotic?

    Not sure how much of an addition I'd be for my fellow Shadowlackies, mostly because I can't decompress in real multiplayer settings, and have few such games.

    I do have to herd myself back into continuing and finishing The Wolf Among Us at the least.
  6. I definitely didn't wander away from Rama--Shadowlack because of MMOs. Not at all. Certainly not World of Wildstar.
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