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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Kith Hazard, May 26, 2008.

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  1. So, I got me my old account back. I've been gone a while, but I'd love to raise my old characters from their long slumber while I await the approval of someone new. Might give me proper incentive to get some nice page layout worked out, as well as some character art since I lost all my old stuff. Boo.

    But yeah, anyone interested in a little bit of rp action to help oil these rusty gears? I have two character who could be squeezed (with a some effort) into just about any situation: A socially retarded but very race-curious techy anubian, and a good-natured hippy zoologist lukuo... they used to be in my sig, but I need to rewrite the thing, so you'll need to peruse my characters via the profile. Oh, so much work to do...

    So, what do you say? I promise, I'll be nice! :D
  2. I suppose I will. :)
  3. Awesome. Who, what, when, where? Or do you just want to start up a thread somewhere at random?
  4. Well, My Koexar and mabye one of your characters of your choice. Chafuo, on Dyo 47.
  5. Erm... sounds good. Might I be able to coax you to start a topic please?
  6. Awesome. Well, I'll be around here all day today.
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