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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Lycanshero, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Ok, if I can stop jinxing myself when I get free time. Well, for Grivonsfrara, I guess I can rp with Nailo, but are you sure you want him, just asking?

    Ok, anyone else who would like to rp with my characters? ^.^
  2. Would you prefer someone else, it was just a random draw for me. I'm up for pretty much anything.
  3. Ok, if that is your wish to rp with Nailo the, by will let it be done, would you like to start it?

    I'm still open for more rping with others, if interested.
  4. I've got Del'Trabrokkenliz he's a fun character and I'll RP with you just pick a character that you want to use and lets get crack-a-lackin'
  5. Sure, thing. Um, Del sound to be more to go with Veti or Iro, your pick.

    Anyone else, who would like to have fun Rping with me?
  6. How about Iro. Since you seem busy looking for RP partners I'll start it off and send you the link.
  7. Ok sure, any prefered location?
  8. Anywhere would be fine, up to you.

    I'm still free for any rping. ^.^
  9. Oh, then welcome to Ramath-Lehi. ^.^ sure, I guess Gingisune will do, now out which one of me boys does she want to meet? ^.^
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