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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Lycanshero, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Yeah, I was completely busy and could post little... but now I'm free and looking for some rping to do... I'll like to thread again and feel the thrill again... and those who have threads with me, don't worry I'll reply in them as well as the new ones...
  2. Would you like to thread with a someone who is a little bit evil? :P
  3. Sure... ^.^ Just whom out of my sort would you like to rp with? and Where?
  4. How about Nailo or Sentios? I cant decide which so either one lol, as for the place mabye the black market? Xavius has not been there for many years.
  5. Well, if you're looking for evil then Nailo would be the best choice, but if you want a dark past kind of character then both would set well in that, but if you wanted a musician Veti would be best for that... and the black market sound good.
  6. How about Nailo? That would be an interesting thread
  7. ok... could you start it, if you don't mind that is...
  8. I've started the post! Its called True Evil, it is in the blackmarket! ^^
  9. I'm still have free time, so don't be shy... I don't bite... hehe I'm looking for some threads for my characters... Please... don't make me do the puppy eyes on people... hehe
  10. I'd like to do a thread with Iro and my character Vemul. I can see the two easily becoming friends.
  11. Sure, Iro can have some more fun... ^.^ anyone else...?
  12. Could you start the thread? I have a horrible time thinking up how to begin. :(
  13. i guess I can start the thread, ok need to think, but anyone else who wants to rp with me... ^.^
  14. Im up for it if you need anyone else, Ive only got Sarunus at the moment but ill have a new character soon.
  15. Ok, Grivonsfrara which character do you want to be rping with out of my inventory... hehe?
  16. Field of Paper Flowers. Replied.
  17. I know Dark Eyed Dragon... This is just for more time... ^.^ anyone else want more fun on rping?
  18. Im not realy sure Ermon is a ring leader, Sarunus is a common criminal, and Fremer is a thief so i guess its your pick.
  19. You said Sarunus, what I meant is which of my characters do you want to rp with?
  20. Sorry, I tend to forget Fremer is there some times. I realy dont play him that often. As for who I would like to rp with... not to sure maybe Nalio.
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