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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Temrin, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. I would imagine her hair looking like a cross between the first image and the fourth. :)
  2. aaah, hoki doki, i'll get right on it. thank you! it'll probably be finished tonight. Im currently sick and off work, as well, i'm sleeping ALOT. So hopefully these will get done purdy quick even with the being sick part. Bear with me guys ^^
  3. Meh, it says closed and I want one :P My charries look plain and my drawing sucks :P Do I add my charries to the list now or do I wait? :)
  4. :O I'll open em up soon once again kay? Im currently sick so these are taking me a bit longer to do since my attention span is like zilch. ^^; Oh i wanna go draw, oops im too tired. Or the phone will ring and my entire mind just goes o.O what was i doing? -ends up doing something else XD-

    But they will be open soon!!! once i finish these up~<br /><br />-- Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:09 am --<br /><br />Zealy's is done~ Hope i got her right ^ Love the idea of the ears in ear by the way. Thats pretty neat~
  5. CV, words cannot express my joy in seeing Faida's icon. Thank you so much!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. Zealy - No problem at all!!! im glad i did her justice ^^ enjoy!!

    -- Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:22 pm --

    DED - you have already gotten a picture from me.

    General - OKAY. after all that fuss, i have made an official list with all the names of people who've gotten pics from me before. I always hated how things were first come first serve and people would get there before others. Just because people aren't as frequent on the site, or didn't see the thread on time doesn't mean they shouldn't get a picture. So this list, will be posted on the first post.

    Next time i open it, i will either use it, or just say its a free for all. Depends on how much effort i really want to put into the organization of a small avatar thread as such~

    Kowoiffei - Okay, i always got the impression that the fey were the more draconic of the pendragon species'. But going back over the Fey species sheet it doesn't say such a thing. (not sure if it ever did at one point now) So, i need some enlightenment on your character. Describe to me what kinda of species your Binail looks like~
    Thankee ^^ :heart:
  7. There's a reason I'm workin' on rewriting the Fey... stuff like that. Stuff that needs to be clarified and all that. The way I see the fey, they're pretty much smaller pendragons who nearly always have wings and tail-flames, often with distinct elemental themes depending on what sub-Fey they are. Binail, for instance, has an earth/nature theme to his appearance. Hence the vine tattoos and leaf-shaped ears. (The leaf-shaped ears are actually a reference to Tolkein, by the by - apparently his elves had leaf-shaped ears.)

    Basically, he's meant to resemble a canine. I didn't have any specific species (or breed of dog) in mind, but I think the box-shaped muzzle would rule a number of ones out. As for the ears, think of really big lop-eared rabbit ears or floppy dog ears.

    Hope that cleared a few things up.
  8. thankee ^^ A very interesting character i must say~

    I always seemed to think that fey's were more draconic. maybe it was the insect wings of some of them. I know my fay is a little 'lizard' thing XD teehee. I need to RP her. >.< Gah. i need to RP period XD

    But i will get on your avatar asap ^^<br /><br />-- Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:50 pm --<br /><br />Kwoiffei - Oki, what color are Binails' wings? And i think thats the only questions i have. ^^ You have a well written profile for him~
  9. *smacks head* I never thought to mention what colour his wings are? Sorry, just being my too-meticulous-for-my-own-good self... They're tan-coloured, like the rest of him, basically. No special markings of any sort.

    Aw, thanks for the compliments. Bin's one of my favourite Ramathian characters that I ever created, design-wise as well as personality-wise, and I think it shows. It's partly cause I've come a long way as a writer since I joined way back... so yeah, I'm proud of how I got down his appearance and personality. (Just a few years ago I wouldn't have thought of giving him an overbite!)
  10. Hehe, all of my characters need to be re-written. But its just so time consuming. i'd rather draw them and use it as ref. XD I have more patience for it~

    And you've no idea how much i am LOVING drawing your character. XD Almost done!<br /><br />-- Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:41 pm --<br /><br />Kwoiffei's Binail is done~ :heart: Enjoy!
  11. *finally sees the finished pic of Binail* ... :heart:

    That's a beautiful pic of him! I really love his eyes, and his tattoos, and his wings, and... gah, can I just say I love the whole picture? And you captured his personality so well, too. Looking over his shoulder and grinning while reading a book (probably on poetry or philosophy) is exactly the sort of thing I can picture him doing.

    Thank you so much. :heart:
  12. when i was reading his personality it just came to me. The view and the book and everything. i was like YES!!! i will do eet!!

    im glad that you like it ^^

    -- Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:27 am --

    Madgirls Selene is done~

    i tried so many different colors on the background. and i still dont like it. Blues didnt look to bad. but it took away from the purple. and yellow only looked good when it was BRIGHT. but then your eyes seem to catch the background instead of the character >.< so i settled for this lighter yellowy greenish. Just because i can XD

    Hope you like it Madgirl!
  13. OMFG!!!

  14. XD Im so glad you like her!!!! ^0^ i had alot of fun with the purple. hehehe
  15. The purple is like, awesome :P I love purple it's my fave colour so when I thought up Selene I was like PURRRRRPLEEEE!

    Seriously. Just like that :P

    I'm so tempted to ask you to do Lukia :P But I'll see if anyone else wants your awesomeness first :P
  16. hehe, I'll open them again in a bit~ got some work to do as of now~ but i'll open em up in a while~ ^^
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