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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Temrin, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Re: Character Avatars

    By the heavens. That IS him. Very scary...Amazing job though. *hugs*
  2. Re: Character Avatars

    Thank you, im glad i did him justice~
  3. ohmygods i've been waiting for this to open up again because i can't draw for sh*t. could you do Kuesi??

    Her full name is Kuesi Tsujruri, btw. =D

    thanks!! *huggles*
  4. I'll right on it when i get home from work~ :heart:
  5. *squeal* thank youu cv!!!
  6. StarBaby

    Okay, after reading the profile, i need some things cleared up before i start~
    1: What animal does she take after? (canine feline draconic)
    2: In either species, there are variations of the face shape/muzzle thickness and length. Could you describe to me what her face resembles?
    3: Is there any particular way she wears her hair? Down, Up, Ponytail, clips, etc? -trying to get some different hairstyles down ~.^ This is perfect practice XD -
  7. ooo 0.0. I'd like an avatar for Fautal. His needs to be updated from what he had ealier, since he's lost a good bit of his naivity. heres the link to his profile.

    Fautal's face has a combination of a wolf and a red fox. His eyes now have a sharp, piercing gaze. He now has a couple of scars on his face, one diagonally across the width of his muzzle and another near the eye. His hair is very long, running down past the shoulders, he wears it unbound now and has two locks growing in front of his face while the rest is put behind his shoulders.

    Hope this is a good enough description for ya CV.
  8. Characters Name: Abigail Wuos
    Character Ramath Profile Page: Click here
    A Drawing of Said Character (would greatly appreciate it): None
    Any Extra Things That Aren't Mentioned in the Profile: Her hair dangles over her back.
  9. The last time i had these open, i had done a picture for you, of Fautal.
    Would you mind if someone else could have a crack at getting a picture, since you already have one?
    Twould only be fair to the rest of the people here on Ramath-lehi.

    And besides, other then the character profile only changing the fact that he has a couple of scars on his face now there really isnt much difference then on the picture i made for you before. He wears his hair down, and has a piercing gaze.

    If no one else claims the last spots within the week i will give you the spot.

    DED: Your character Pandzez already had a picture of him made. (which is also the one you linked as reference)
    I'm trying to fill -blank- avatar spots. and the one you have is so pretty. You really want to replace it?
  10. Oh, um, sorry. I'll actually ask for a Abigail pic. She hasn't one.
  11. Alrighty, Abigail it is~ -adds the list-
  12. *ooo's at this thread*

    Characters Name: Faida
    Character Ramath Profile Page: Faida Mehrdad
    A Drawing of Said Character: I honestly don't have one. ; 3; I'm sorry...
    Any Extra Things That Aren't Mentioned in the Profile: I think it's all there.
  13. Alrighty, youve been added, All spots have been filled!

  14. Kuesi's mostly feline, her face is just really delicate, i guess you could say... her eyes are kinda big, almond shaped but wide open and alert... and her hair is usually down, although sometimes its in a low side ponytail.
  15. I just realised too Starbaby, That i already made an avatar for you o.O When the previous ones were open. I drew Tsabemu for you. to be fair to what i said earlier to Flying Weasel Man, I am trying to give everyone a chance to get a picture from me, so i am going to take you off the list and let someone who hasnt gotten an avatar from me, to get one. Sorry Star~
  16. Alrighty, no problem.
  17. Hey Zealy~ Im int he process of finishing up the sketch of your character Faida, but! Im having a tough spot on the hair~ you said its straight, usually down, and just passed her shoulders. But does she have bangs? (short ones?) or is all of her hair the same length, is it straight and/or styled in anyway?


    Is it parted?

    Kinda layered?

    Slight bangs and straight crop on the bottom?

    Kinda messy and layerd (hehe i like this one XD )

    obviously this one would be longer, but an angled crop with comb over bangs?

    ive got a bunch of different hair styles sketched out on the character right now because i was bored and expirmenting. If youd like t see them, let me know. i'll note them too you.
  18. *delurks! eek, she's alive!*

    Okay, I'll be blunt here. This is roughly what happened on my end:

    *lurklurk* "New posts, yep. Might go check 'em out--" *sees topic subtitle* *blinkblink* "...what?"

    So yeah. Normally I get really nervous about asking others to draw stuff for me...

    If you want anything else clarified, feel free to ask.
  19. sure thing ^0^ He'll be added to mah list! ^0^

    And thanks for clearing up the fur color~

    I'll take a look at the profile and if i have any questions i'll post them here ^^ :heart:
  20. That is a very good question, CV. XD;

    Umm... I imagined it being relatively plain and simple, though perhaps some layering could be fun. X3

    Would you mind sending me the various styles you tried so I can see them? ^^;

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience and the delay in responding to your message. ><;
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