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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Temrin, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. ^0^ im glad you like it! and np!
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    Hey Jynx, i totally didn't see this post (at the time of your post it was closed and i wasn't making avatars. You can tell if its open or closed by the description under the title. And in the top post in bold letters, it sais status : -closed or open-

    They are now open, but its first come first serve, i don't reserve spots, as much as i would like to do your characters, so if your quick to re-post what character you want (and please only one character per person) I will do it if you get it in early enough that all spots weren't taken~



    5 Spots Available!
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    Sure thing ^0^

    -remembered that the character profiles are still down XD lawls-
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    and yea, good thing I had a picture of him xD
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    Enlaska, Your character avatar is now done~ Visit the first post for the finished product ^^
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    Could you do Pendzez plz?

    I remember his description.

    He has an orange pelt from the waist up, burning red with a mix of freezing blue hair, fire red eyes. He also has minor scars, but a big one on his muzzle and his right eye. That's for the head shot.
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    Could you do Valyne for me? I'd loooove it.

    Here's the description:
    Valyne’s appearance is a mix of a terran fox and a lion. Val’s coat is deep red with black shoulders and chest. His lion mane is mostly black with some red highlights. Val keeps his hair short leaving half centimetre stubble. His eyes like Garrett’s have a coloured pupil of red and black iris and whites.

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    aw, you did Gunner soooo gorgeously! C:
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    Okay, Both Fey and DED, These are head shots, i need to know if their face takes on after a certain animal, are they more this then that? Do they have short muzzles long muzzles thin or thick ones?

    And please read the first post when posting ^^ I'm a nit pick about having things done in an organized fashion. This ish the form to be filled it. Its easier to keep track off and neater to look at~. And as it says by the Characters profile page, Just tell me the name of the character (The entire name that would be ont he character profile). I'll be able to find your character. (reserve questions about how please ^^ )

    And thank you Phylus! :heart:
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    Between long and short. A lil thick. He's mostly fox like in face apart from the mane and lion ears. ^^

    Characters Name: Valyne Mayron
    Character Ramath Profile Page: Um I get find it....
    A Drawing of Said Character (would greatly appreciate it): Hasn't got one.
    Any Extra Things That Aren't Mentioned in the Profile: I forgot about the ears they are lion like.
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    asflasdg Dude that's soo niicee holy crap. Seriously, it's awesome ;_; mannn thank you so much. I loovee it :heart:
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    im glad you like it ^^ And no problem ^^ I would like to see more of these character avatars filled up! So many blank ones. Need color! XD LOL

    -- Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:59 am --

    Alright fey, Apperently i cant find your character where i thought i could, can find just about everyone other one cept that one XD

    So i am going straight off of your description you gave me. Also, can you tell me something about his personality? i want to get these things right xD and if the expression or action isn't right to the character then tis all for naught XD

    and also, you say he has a lions mane, and then say that he keeps his hair short cut. And a lions mane is pretty much hair from my viewpoint, It starts at the head and poofs around the neck and shoulder area [​IMG]

    So am i to think that he trim his mane?
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    Yes. The mane is trimmed after a foot or so in length, around the neck and shoulders. On his head he's shaved it. His personality is.....savage. He injects himself with diluted weredragon venom which, though it won’t turn him the personality characteristics are very much visible in his facial expressions. (It is odd you can’t find him...*worries slightly*) I had a feeling he'd look...interesting the mental image alone was fun. He'd be best suited to a half growl look.
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    Characters are linked back in profiles now. ;)
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    *hugs* Yay!!! *spins in a small circle and stops to drink his coco.
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    didnt see your post
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    Oh. By the way thanks for this. I am very much interested in how he'd turn out to look like. ^^
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    No problem. I just hope i get home somewhat right.<br /><br />-- Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:23 pm --<br /><br />Fey's Is done. Hope its to the character
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