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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Temrin, Jul 5, 2008.

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    If you've already gotten a picture from me, Leave your request (and tell me youve gotten a picture from me before please), and if all my spaces aren't filled within the week i will do yours. I am trying to fill BLANK avatar spots so request characters that do not have a picture yet please ^^ Be courteous~

    Alright! I'm re-opening these. The way i will be doing these is i will be sketching and linearting in oC (openCanvas) and then coloring with my new coloring style in Photoshop. (These will mainly be headshots, if there is a certain part of your characters body, like a tattoo, or any other feature that you would like to be shown please put that in your post)

    When yours is completed, please save it and host it from your own photobucket account. I randomly clear out my photobucket, and if your using the link from mine, it will disappear and unless i still have it on my computer, i will not be able to give you your icon back because searching throught he bundles of CD's looking for the ONE with your icon on it.. is just a pain xD

    So if you would like a character avatar please post the following



    Id like to add that when im coloring i really have no idea what shade im coloring, because when you move a screen on a laptop or look at it from a different angle, it changes. -.- at least from mine it does. and it sucks. -colors are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom-

    Also, If you do not have a picture ref and i am going off your Description here on RAL, i apologize before hand if i screw up your character. And i will only change it if i have the time too. Sorry!

    I am doing these for free after all.


    Examples: (i got rid of all the picture in my old photobucket account so i will give links to the characters page when the character pages are up again)

    1. Enlaska - Gunner:

    2. Fey'Yore - Valyne

    3. Madgirl - Selene

    4. Zaely - Faida

    5. Kwoiffei - Binail
  2. Tira's is done!

    Dumu: Sure thing! ill get started right away!

    Shriker: Thats wonderful of you Jods! Course ill take a nomination! :heart:3
  3. ALL ARE DONE! ^^
  4. :heart: so pretty, crys, so pretty.
  5. So pretty! Thank you! :D
  6. *huggles Phy* Thanks hun ^^

    And your very welcome Suda! ^0^
  7. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, SEE THE USE OF CAPITALS TO SHOW MY LOVE OF IT *throws a panda* Shes soooo cuttttte :heart:
  8. Sweeet Jess. Those are awesome. ^^ :heart: Thanks, hehe.
  9. Im glad you like it Mori! :heart:33333333

    And np Jods!

    I will do more in a day or so ^^ So be ready!! kuhuhuhu
  10. Well, they currently arent open and to be fair to everyone i will have to say you will have to catch me when it IS open, which will probably be tomorrow or the next day. Because i dont have to work~

    So, sorry dear~
  11. Ah, sorry! I clicked on this from the board index and didn't see the closed, so sorry! ;____; I'l wait to request then... ^^;
  12. Lol its alright, (though the top post did say closed~ ~.^ lol )
  14. hi ^^ lol
  15. allo!!
    xo Star
  16. XD Well i need you guys to give me references and what character you want XD Lol

    Read top post please XD I need infos!
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