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    As you all know, I've been busy working Shadowlack's character profiles and the like. (I finished character editing today, woo!) I can't give an ETA for when roleplaying will start again, but it's getting much closer with each passing day!

    In the meantime, I'd like to invite you all to follow our Twitter account! I'm in the process of adding a lot of mini Ramathian facts and trivia to it. Maybe you'll learn something that you didn't know before. ;)

    Here is my current "to do" list:
    1. COMPLETE. Finish character profiles by adding image uploading and editing.
    2. COMPLETE. Implement character creation once again!
    3. Create the In Characters boards and link them to the character profiles.
    After that, roleplaying will be open and I'll be working on creating a few more of the extra features. Such as:
    • Thread logs
    • Character relationships
    • Character transfers, adoptions, and retirement
    • Character slot unlocking
    • Somethingsomethingsomething about character plots and dramamongers
  2. I am so excited for everything. STALKS TWITTER LIKE A BOSS.

    I'm really happy about the character editting being open again too. :3 I really can't wait for the new features and everything to get all set up! Especially somethingsomethingsomething. lD
  3. Somethingsomethingsomething does sound very mysterious! All this character talk is making me want a new character, but oooohhh, so many options.

    If you want help coming up with Ral facts I'd be happy to comb through the wiki gathering random 140 character sized trivia. Then I can do edits along the way since I've been meaning to get to that as well :3
  4. Lautir That would actually be pretty amazing. :) If you're interested, I could also give you access to the app that I'm using to queue up the tweets. I'm trying to keep Twitter at least somewhat interesting. As a general guideline, these are the sort of things that I want to be posting to it:
    • Fun things from the wiki, which then link to the relevant wiki page.
    • Anything and everything about worldbuilding. Whether it be a tutorial, other original settings, and general resources.
    • Writing tools and resources.
    • Art tutorials and resources if they are relevant to our setting.
    • Fun word facts and trivia.
    • Bits and pieces from old and current plots.
    • Info about some tabletop RPGs, as many of them run on original campaigns and worlds like ours.
    • Links to relavant new RPGs and/or indie RPGs/startups/kickstarters.
    • Promotional bits for our affiliates.
    • Minor character trivia (should emphasis more well-known characters, but all are welcome).
    • Questions pertaining to roleplaying, character development, and writing.
    • Anything in regards to NASA because science and space is cool. Spaaaaaaaaaaace.
    • Things that are "furry" in nature, as Shadowlack has a predominantly furry theme.
    I want to make it actually useful and not all... "Join our game! :D :D :D"
  5. Iversia - Totally game to do that =D I've even got a whole bookmark full of writing/world building resource links! Would it be possible to have a 'Random Page' link on the Wiki? When ever I open it up I never know where to start.
  6. Lautir Sweet, I'll hook you up. :)

    As for a random page link, yep! Special:Random I'll add it to the front page of the wiki.
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