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  1. I know you are wanting to go big with this DED, but what I've found from trying to develop big plots is that it is sometimes best to start at the end. What do you want the outcome of this story to be? Are you looking to have Pendezez recognized for his achievements? Want him to drift off as the honorable unsung hero? Do you want him to die?

    What is the your our personal goal for your characters? It's a good of place as any to start building from.
  2. Well, Pendzez hasn't been used in a long time, so I'm giving him a come back with a chapter-based story plot that would leave a mark on history. I don't want Pendzez to be whatever you said. I thought that there would be conflict, about of destruction conflict, that Pendzez and his friends can put an end to. Just that there some minor prices. Get it?
  3. What kind of prices? A friend? A limb? His mind? Or you could even just look at emotional changes. Will this adventure be a chance for him to learn the importance of team work or asking for help or not to mess with... erm, something? Sorry if I seem like a stickler for these things, most of my stories are always based around character development so it's what I stick to.

    The involvement of deities is always going to be iffy, because yes, it has never been done before. What about something a little less direct like some old discovered prophesy. Maybe it's just a mad man who thinks he is a reincarnated god. That alone could cause havoc enough.
  4. Well, I would continue with the Jufrow and his Daemon army idea, but there a points that actually lead to it and those points aren't acceptable. Besides, I can't really think of anything. That's why I'm asking everyone, Lautir
  5. I was following the Machina ruins part of the fire and venture plot where a tomb was about to be opend up in any number of ridiculas yet fascinating ways (my favorite ways!) and I was aware my char was surrounded by any number of morre or less hyper powerful world shaking beings. Not having the pateince to deal with all of the stuff that has come before my post (though considering the poeple I saw posting I'm sure it'll take up a good hour or so of my time later to make sure I understood it all in hind sight) I simply wanted to get to things that interest me RIGHT NOW. The sol crest could be a special item handed down family member to family memeber that is either a fantastic mechination that is capable ofputting out more energy then it takes in, defying physics via magic. Or, it could be a magical device that has a diresct connection to the energy of fronima and puts out the immense power through heat and light.

    To explain Deamon attacks I would probably need to look into it a little more to get really good detail into this, but here I go on generalizations that the things are supposed to be evil and stupid powerful:

    Physical Attacks: Any sharp or heavily muscled limbs will sweep out at just shy of supersonic and be a real bugger to counter for anyone but people with combat or speed oriented classes in a straight up punch for punch fight.

    Magical Attacks: I hate the generalizations of all demons needing a fire and brimstone or ice or something specialization, so I think it deserves a whole spectru of nastyness. They don't lob fire balls, they superheat pockets of air into tiny explosiens or hyper cool pockets of air to stop things in their tracks. They can use biological weapons like summoning little wisps of some incredibly nasty nuerotoxin that goes after thinking centers, but leaves pain centers alone so people are confused and can't think right again without extreeme medical attention. Chemical warfare like caustic acid in a gas form sprinkled about from any surface that can dissolve into something else. A darkness agent that will dampen the powers of fronima touching beings to the point of being impossible to counter untill a preist or the like can get it off of you. Electrical spikes that don't scorch you, they just distrupt internal function from three hundred paces with enough aim. Magical shields that seriously impede aggressive spells could help too.

    Mental Power: Summoning fear into enemies is a good place to start, just enough fear that the people lose thier minds and go after anything in reach to try and strike back first. Creating mindless anger that actually disorientates poeple but they won't let anyone get close enough to try and heal them, creating mentaly unstable landmines of raw pendragon fury. Extreme telikinesis, objects flying to and fro bashing into you but not your enemies is a good way to demoralize people with no counter attack.

    Unless demons are really fond of technolical armor and weapons I think I've more or less exhausted my short term idea pool.
  6. -- Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:07 pm --

    Ok, I've come back to this idea. Now, I'm continuing with the Jufrow and the Daemon Army idea, ok? However, this is to everyone, and please try your best not to let this get too old, what would happen at the beginning to the middle of the story that would lead to this part of the story. Like, what would Pendzez do on his adventures that would eventually lead to this? Any ideas?
  7. Remember, prior to going anywhere, Jodie outlined the rules that apply to the scaling up of this plot:

    • Re-incarnated gods in any form cannot exist. Specially if they are played controlled.
    • Actual souls of pendragons cannot be bound to items and resist the pull of Fronima. All souls eventually have to go to Fronima (unless eaten by the Rapine). However, items can be enchanted. Perhaps even, with an essence of a pendragon's soul, but not a real soul.
    • Souls cannot return from the Nothing.

    What I'm concerned about is you pursuing the idea of reincarnating (and that's towards the end) so asking for the beginning and the middle is circumlocutory - i.e. Juffrow as you defined him before cannot be a God with Godly powers and therefore cannot be reincarnated, let alone played in a 'controllable' manner.

    Before ideas are contributed to beef up this plot, do you understand what the above points mean?
  8. Wouldn't have said anything if I didn't understand the points. Would there be an acceptable way for it to happen that wouldn't be too extreme to you that would happen in the similar way as you just explained?
  9. The reincarnation of a God can't happen so there's no way I can suggest something that'll make that part of the plot happen =)

    Ok, as you understand those points, I'll noodle something up and get back to you on it; as of now, I'm dealing with a number of University related matters. We're making progress on this now, it seems.
  10. Well, despite what you said before, you also mention that certain objects might have the essence of a pendragon soul, right? Well, I was thinking that Jufrow's former empire was buried under the ice, with the frozen stature of himself in his chair, right? However, his weapon, the object in question, was removed and placed somewhere else. The way I'm saying it is that if his sword is given back to him, then he'll be revived. Would that be classed as godly reincarnation or something that can be plausible?
  11. Just my input, but it sounds awful similar to World of warcrafts - Wrath of the lich king story. Its not the same exactly obviously, but i read this and instantly thought of the lich king. Just with the sword, iced empire and such and him waiting for his return etc.

    Just so you're aware n stuff, you'd probably want to read up on it so you dont end up going along its lines too much. I think its slightly cliché aswell like something out of a film somewhere, i cant remmeber what one im thinking of though :o
  12. I haven't forgotten about this topic, I'm just rounding off a few more things - finance related - and I'll be on this like a bear to honey. Rwar.

    For now, if the army was buried with him under the ice then that's biologically plausible. A possibility for the resurrection is that the sword has, built into the hilt, a small power source - Fronima - which, when in contact with one or both hands, begins a thawing process.

    I think we should focus on a revival rather than a resurrection.

    This process could take a little while, and it could lead the team to think that your charrie has lead them on "a wild goose chase", and could be distinctly displeased. This could possibly lead to pockets or sects developing within the team, where maybe some support and some don't your charrie's actions. There'll, of course, be your charrie who could question the accuracy of his ancestors. I dunno how you'd want to play that, but it's an idea.

    Then this Juffrow is revived, later maybe, either when they're there or if they leave (this also allows anyone who's busy or has lost interest in the plot to depart smoothly) and some of his army goes with him. Perhaps he sets to reviving the rest of his army and [Insert Plot Development Here].

    Just a thought.
  13. I guess it could work.<br /><br />-- Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:40 am --<br /><br />Now, due the current changes to the Ramath-lehi plot, alterations will need to be taken, I understand that. Preferably the daemons, the Fronima source on the weapon, and his revival process.
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