Fey will live again.

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Fey, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Time I returned fully. Thank you guys for the support. *Cuddles entire forum. Stops after feeling the sharp corners and the fangs of the Graders.* Right. I will get back to Role playing once more. Sorry Enalaska if Valyne gets a little too evil. *Grins* I got a lot of ideas when I was brooding dark things.

    I am glad to have friends like you guys who care so much. Even though you may never see me, hear me, hug me personally you still care as do I. I thank you.

    I have a bunch of ideas for weapons and ammunition which will be fun to talk discuss.

    *Takes out the bag from the tea.*

    Well it's time to get down and dirty once more. After seeing my brother.

    Thank you. Fey out.
  2. *shyly raises hand* can I be part of the weapon discussion?
  3. It's fine if he gets nasty. I don't mind as long as Gunner doesn't get ded. Not that he can easily now since he's a were. xD

    I'm glad yer back though. It was odd without you around. :heart:
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