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Thread in 'World Building' started by Slightly, May 23, 2014.

  1. Hya!

    Anybody mind if I take a crack at drawing some Fauna? The wiki feels a bit painfully bare in that area. I don't have much computer/graphic type skills but I am an okay pen, paint and pencil artist. (as can be seen by looking at my attempt to spiff up my characters- I think that we can see the general shading and drawing skills are there just not the fancy computer illustration aspect.) I'm happy to come up with some sketches and if anyone did have skill in the computer illustration area I'd def take the help! If not I can just marker them in.

    I just notice as I cruise through the Wiki that there is so much content that I tend to look for pictures as a quick reference and when there aren't any you have to read through all of the fauna to find out if there is a "certain animal." Don't get me wrong! I love reading! But it would just be nice for those quick references and getting things up and moving when your looking for something specific to get a thread going.

    Anywhooo let me know what ya'll think!
  2. Yes! Definitely! The more art the better :D We welcome all Wiki contributions!

    I could offer some help in the digital colouring area. Don't have too much free time these days but colouring is usually a faster task than getting the line work done these days :3
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