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Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. A Sergeant at the Watani police department is believed to be investigating a second report of another missing Pendragon.

    Earlier this paquite, Kimera (17) of the Sudesha region went missing. Detective Darad Mohir is said to give an urgent statement in a few Mosa regarding the situation of that case. The Detective has been under increasing pressure from the community to give more regular updates, and it is understood that he will be giving updates every 56 hours.

    The newest disappearance appears to not have shocked too many people. The Arden's name isn't know at this early stage, nor is his name.

    Whether or not this disappearance is linked with Kimera's is unknown. Similarities surrounding the case are few and far between - meaning the Arden was allegedly en-route to another location.

    Detective Mohir now makes his statement...

    "Thank you... I am sorry to state that Kimera was found dead today. At roughly 2:25N.S. my forensics team, in co-ordination with my own selection of experienced Police'Kuos, made a break through. Although we cannot tell you as fully as you may wish how Kimera was discovered, we can say that there was a message. One moment...

    "Am I good enough?"

    This is chilling. But now is not a time to allow emotions or personal views to cloud professionalism.

    I have been asked by Kimera's father - Casi - to outline in what state she was found. While it is noteworthy that I would not do this off my own back, I respect the ex-USR officer's wishes.

    Kimera was found 80% dissected. Disfigurement (such as broken bones, signs of struggle or resistance, or bruising) was not present.

    An initial toxicology test was concluded just before I came out here. It appears Kimera did not resist whomever, or whatever, killed her.

    I cannot say any more. Please wait until later this paquite when the local coroner publishes her findings."
  2. oh mai~
  3. Suspense. D:
  4. Poor gal. ;_;

    CSI: RaL go! *inserts a random catchy theme song*

    Really, this plot is giving me the creeps.
  5. Whoever said there was a plot O_O? =)
  6. I'm severly worried about your mental state.....

    i mean, don't dissect me ;____; you sick puppy you!

  7. Yeah, that was totally me, my bad ;p

    No disfigurement suggests someone who knew what they were doing, scary stuff :O

    I'm liking this continuous story stuff!
  8. i'm thinking if it continues it'll need a mature tag ;_;

    goooooooore D:
  9. well, certainly ain't Phet'knis. she does those sorts of things very cleanly, ahem.

  10. i didn't do it, i have nice characters >_>
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