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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by Draconan, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. I cant believe it actually still exists (my account, that is). I was reminiscing about my old RP's and decided to hunt down Ramath-Lehi. It doesn't exist in that form anymore, obviously, but dang. What a trip down memory lane.

    I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying hydrated! Me... well, I'm unemployed and just want to bury myself in snakes. I think I'm doing okay as a mooch looking for work.

    Oh! And arting. It's amazing what 9 years can do for you.
    Oops. Looks like I still havent grown out of "everyone is facing left" yet.

    I probably wont be back to RP, as I just cant focus on words very well these days (wooo, developing mental illness in adulthood is my favorite thing /sarcasm), but I just wanted to poke my head in and maybe let people know I am alive. Hope y'all're keeping safe.
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  2. Hey! Wow. It's always, always nice to see yet another old face around here.

    What kinds of snakes do you like? I've been wanting to get a little corn or milk snake for quite some time now. I fell in love with a tessera pattern corn. :heart:

    Also, are you putting your art up anywhere still? That is absolutely fabulous and I would certainly love to see more.
  3. Yeah!! :heart: :heart: This place is lots of pretty fond memories for me. I drift in every few years, whether or not I post is different.

    I have a big ol cornsnake!! He ~9ish years old and a big poopy puppy, real sweetie. Just a regular wild-phase in terms of colors, but he's always real pretty a bright after a shed. I'd definitely recommend a cornsnake to you if you've never had a snake before. Tesseras are beautiful!! I remember when the morph was new and they cost $1500+, I'm so glad they've come down in price. I definitely would like to have a Tessera. I'm also in love with the various Fluorescent morphs.
    Milksnakes are another great pick, many colubrids like corns, milksnakes, kingsnakes, etc. make great first snakes because they're hardy, not too demanding for habitat requirements, and don't get too big.
    I also have a Boa c. constrictor and a Western hognose. the Boa is my angel darling and I am excited to care for her as she grows bigger, she's about a year old. The hognose, however, is a hissy bitey nightmare. x__x she's like taming a small dragon, and she's a little older than the boa.
    (oops, I can talk forever about how much I love snakes if you get me going, heh)

    as for art, I have two tumblogs! infelphira is my main account i post lots of stuff to, but it has a dedicated #my art tag. steel-ball-run is my arts and stuff only blog, without all the nonsense extra posting. i don't updating it as often-- i usually end up reblogging from my main once every couple of months or so. a lot of it's just sketches, admittedly. i don't finish stuff very often, but when i do im generally happy with the result!
  4. Eee, he is a beautiful snake! :) I remember when the tessera morph came out too. I think that the same thing is going on with the palmetto (?) morph right now. I remember stumbling across one that was $4000 recently, but oh my gosh, gorgeous.

    I think I just have a really big soft spot for all colubrids. :3 I like boas too, but for some reason, the idea of keeping a pet that weighs that much really makes me nervous. Hehe, feel free to talk more about snakes! I currently have an empty tank that could house up to a 1-2 year old juvenile corn. I've been going to reptile shows for the past... six years I think? So far only geckos have followed me home, but someday a snake will!

    Consider yourself Tumblr-lurked. :) Also, you should totally add me on Flight Rising: http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=120
  5. Hi Drac! Your art is looking amazing! That space filled critters is so pretty! I've also gone and stalked you Tumblr :)

    The "everyone is facing left thing" is apparently just because you're most likely right handed. Lefties have everyone facing to the right. It happens if you don't make a conscious effort to avoid it, I do the same :p

    Your snake is very pretty! I've always had a soft spot for them and consider growing old as a crazy snake lady instead of a crazy cat lady but I always felt that snakes were less cuddly, haha. So instead I just enjoy visiting and hearing about other people's, so I second you talking about them all you like :D
  6. Very late to this party but HI DRACONAN! The arts! THE ARTS! You are tumblr watched~ :3 Very nice work!

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