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  1. Year:
    Mid Dyo (Spring)
    A svelte female Pendragon flickered onto the screen, dressed in a slick grey pantsuit and holding a microphone in her red-furred hand. Concern and sincerity were written in her every feature as she spoke.

    "The Flux left Ajita in shambles. As if having the machina that kept your continent floating in the sky stop working all of the sudden wasn’t bad enough, the back-up generators kicking in caused a series of devastating earthquakes. Tens of thousands of dragons died that day, with hundreds of thousands injured. Buildings collapsed, mountains cracked, and debris cluttered the once regal streets and causeways of Pealagi and other districts."

    The scene shifted away from the woman, panning out to better take in the rubble that choked Pealagi. A few scattered 'Dragons, dusty and tired looking, were moving rubble off the streets and onto a platform that defied gravity and hovered above the ground.

    "Once the ban on Fronima use was lifted, Ajita was transitioned off of its backup generators to its hopefully now stable machina. In early Dyo, 81387, wealthy ‘dragons were permitted to return to their homes, if they still stood, and clean-up efforts began in earnest.

    "A small group of concerned citizens realized that the need for workers was greater than the supply, and organized a task force, the 'Dragons for a Restored Ajita', or DFARA. After weeks of pondering ways to help the clean-up efforts, and countless panel discussions, DFARA sought to hire a renowned political artist to produce flyers that would be posted around Ramath-lehi, specifically targeting low income sectors of Bhim. Sadly, no renowned political artist could be found, and DFARA was forced to use in-house talent."

    The scene again shifted, this time to a pinstripe-suited male Pendragon standing before a podium while other 'dragons held up microphones and recording devices from the crowd he addressed.

    Our flyers may look silly,” said the interim president of DFARA, “But the need is still great. Work camps have been erected on the city borders, and all board and lodging for those who come to assist in clean-up efforts will be provided. We have a number of generous sponsors, but will gladly accept any further donations you can offer. Especially if you are known as a renowned political artist and can redesign our flyers. Stay strong, my friends, and together we can help Ajita rise to her former splendor!”

    The scene panned out from one of DFARA's flyers, pinned to a wooden job board, and the disembodied voice of the female Pendragon spoke over the silence. "This message brought to you by Dragons for a Restored Ajita. Please volunteer and give generously. Thank you for your time."

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  2. You drew a fucking picture. ;_; I love you.
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  3. He looks like a Dr. Seuss creature in Ramath-lehi, but meh. I got bored and thought it was cute. And I /really/ can't draw hands. *Laughs*
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