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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by blue, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Did anyone noticed that the site crashed yesterday?

    Well just wanted to say, that after 1430 miltary time (i think that how it goes anyways) or 2:30 PM XD, that It told me that the site is currently unavailable.

    I might of miss something, but I just felt the need to point that out O.o
  2. no, i noticed too, it just went down for about 45 minutes i think, and then was working again all of a sudden, it was kind of weird...
  3. -nods- Mhm, they even had to restart our server. It had to do something with an internal firewall acting up, as well as a few other network things. The problem still hasn't been marked completely as resolved though, however, at least for the time being everything appears to be working.
  4. lets just hope it's not any hacker

    (*BOooooo hackers*.) :sword:
  5. *shrugs* it was out for a long time for me >.> I first cheacked it 2:30, then 6 pm then 8 pm it was out all those times. but ya it seems to be up again =)
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