Demi-Gods and Myth

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Pendzez Zazkex, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Pendzez:

    Demi-God of the Sun and Flames, and one of the three created from Tanastlasei. Said to have been killed by Reda


    Demi-God of the Sky, another of the three created from Tanastlasei. He can be seen as the brightest star in the night sky.


    Demi-God of Life, and the last of the three created from Tanastlasei. He helped lend a hand in the creation of Ramath with his father.

    Anything need changing, let me know. The sooner the better :)


    When the three Demi-God brothers were created, they were assigned to help the God that were of the Sun, the Sky, and of Life. Pendzez took the Sun, Hezekiah took the Sky, and Likian helped with his father. When Pendzez was with the God of the Sun, Reda became furious of this. So, he killed Pendzez so there wasn't a competition. Pendzez's soul was halted from passing into the Fronima. Likian made sure to keep the soul alive. It's been years, but there were sayings that Pendzez had returned to Ramath, reincarnated as a normal Pendragon.

    Any changes?
  2. Yeah - more explanation on the halting would be great. Otherwise we'll be back to square one. Additionally, I would want to know more about Pendzez being back on Ramath-lehi, and how it came to be that he was reincarnated in any way, shape or form. Who, what, when, where, how, why(?). Those 6 words will construct good stories every time. Bear in mind, too, that additions to the Compendium, when dealing with Gods, Goddesses, Demi-Gods, Myths and Legends are generally written in the past tense, and comply with the IC factor of the site (I'm talking specifically of where you say, "It's been years").

    As for the list of who they were, what they were and what they did, that's fine as an entry.
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