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  1. Hey I was wondering what sort of spells can be cast with "Dark Sorcery" I hoping for a few examples so I have something to run with. Magic is a delicate thing to role play and I don't want to unknowingly overstep my bounds, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. The kind of thing you're looking at, in terms of offensive spells, is directed energy or spells intended to do damage. To give you examples would kind of limit how you perceive the trade. It also depends what rank the character is. A basic dark sorcerer/sorceress may only be able to cast spells which inflict mild burns or temporary blindness. Perhaps something as irritating as a nose bleed or irrational muscular spasms. A master may be able to completely wipe someone from the face of the planet (OBVIOUSLY enduring severe side effects). If coupled with Daemon and Darkness Lore, your character could call up a beast from the Nothing or shadows from dark alleys and do your character's bidding to varying degrees of efficiency.

    There wouldn't be much in the way of defensive Dark Sorcery, but I wouldn't say that it doesn't exist. It'd be more like a counter-attack rather than an initial attack, though. Like, a wall of dark magic that prevents projectiles for a period of time; each shot that hits the wall makes the bullet bounce back in the exact opposite direction.

    It's hard to -define- what this trade is all about. It comes down to you as a player to investigate and experiment with the possibilities. In the end, the biggest limitation is one's own imagination.

    I hope this helps ^^
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