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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Ahh, either. oo;

    S'okay. I can be pretty slow as well. :] I'll have you a reply before the end of today.
  2. If you're not too full on RPs would you like to revive ours? :o
    I'd like to use it as my first returning roleplay ;D
  3. Hahaha, Ilu :heart:
  4. I may be too late for tis, but my newly accepted character, Wuos</a>, could be a good member. She is trustworthy and she has a U.S.R background, and I'm going to say this:

    She knows Vythe.
  5. and one last note. She is good with Telekinesis.
  6. I would love one with you once you open up for more!
  7. Daniel - Not too late at all. Thread sometime, yes? I was thinking it'd be cool to have a quaint little one with Abigail, Vythe, and possibly Szambel if Ms. Abby is actually interested in that job position. :)

    Jess - Was there any of my characters you were particularly interested in?
  8. Well I think a thread with either Jaceen or Vythe would work with Zirrus.

    I was thinking more Vythe as Zirrus is shy and nervous maybe someone could be bothering her and he could come to her rescue :P
  9. Miss Abby says, "Fine by me."
  10. Actually, now I think I know who will be leaving.
    It's a thread then, now where though? :)
  11. Oh... you think you know? :P
    Someplace on Ajita most likely, or possibly Aurius? I haven't had a thread there in a while. Let me know if you've got a preference.
  12. Well, actually I do know.
  13. I think the meeting between Vythe and Abigail, Abbs is turning it into a love story from her past.
  14. Just sayin'... I'm alive, back, and almost caught up with all of my threads. :D
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