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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Stormwing, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. It is my privelege to congratulate and welcome — on behalf of the rest of the Ramath-lehi staff — Fused Eidolon and Silith to the staff, as GM's of Janardan and Dhruv, respectively! Your applications were awesome, and you've earned it. Now give yourself a pat on the back. ;) We know you'll do great. Your first perks as a staff member are forwarding e-mail addresses that follow the format of ',' and the ability to update your staff bios via your profile.

    Any remaining staff applications are still being deliberated, and the GM positions for Ajita, Mansukh, Bhim, and Trilok are still open. We look forward to seeing some more applications, and encourage you to fill one out if you are interested in the position. Chances are, if you're an active, involved, and friendly member, you've got a really good chance.

    Now I'd like to take a moment to say hello to my mother. Hi, mom! Okay, just kidding on that part.
  2. Congrats both of you ^^ *throws confetti*
    I was wondering, can members also apply for an Assistant Game Master position (i noticed that while browsing through the Handbook)? Because I'd love to help out in RaL but I don't think I'd show enough commitment to be a GM. I'd love to contribute though, but I guess that can be done as normal member as well :). Just asking...
  3. I'm pretty sure Assistant Game Master position won't be open until all the GM places are filled up. Or just in the case that an assistant is needed in a busy area.

    Comgrats to both of you :D
  4. Wow... thanks. I'm so glad I snuck on today to check up on things. I was like "ooh, congratulations. Bet Silith got their GM today!" and was like "AHHH!" when I saw my name. -dork-

    Congrats, Silith. :]

    (and thanks to those congratulating)
  5. *dies* I went to check my email and found out I'd gotten accepted.

    And I made such an odd noise... like someone stepping on a wet poodle oO;;. Thank you very much for the position! *squeals*

    And congrats right back at yeh fused!

    PS- No sooner did I reply to this than I broke my foot. Pain. ._.
  6. !!!! Congrads!!! SEE!!! I was good luck *nods* :D
  7. Good job, from the way I've seen you two post and such, you deserve it! Congrats and good luck at your new positions!
  8. Yes, congrats you two. :) Just echoing what Lautir said, we will eventually be having Assistant GMs, but all of the GM spots should be filled first. ^^; Some areas probably won't even need AGMs. It'll be posted in the news though if/when specific spots are open. So just keep on checking back every now and then.
  9. Three cheers to fluffy people! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Welcome to my thinking basket.
  10. Congrats guys!!!! You deserve it :D
  11. wh00t! YAY! FER DA NEW STAFF! MAKE US PROUD GUYS! *throws pie in sumones face and blares her music* whee! dance peeps dance!
  12. Whootness! Congrats! *waves huge flag* ^^ Don't have much more to say so I'll stop typing and post... wait, I didn't stop typing yet! Agh!
  13. Actually Bhim is taken by ferret which means just 3 are left.

    Omg... i can't believe i missed it... AGAIN!


    congrats on those who did get it tho. I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway.

    Edit: Oh, Fronima's open too. if at all... so there is four.
  14. PF switched from N. Sudesha, to Bhim.

    So Notios Sudesha, Ajita, Trilok, & Mansukh are still open for GM applications.

    Fronima most likely isn't going to have a GM.

    Tch, and if you snooze, you lose. :] It's a first come, first serve sort of deal here.
  15. What do Gm's do? Do they moderate the content? Or do they actually help run the site?
  16. Ahh! So basically they enforce the rules in a given area and ok plots and such, herm, too bad I'm lazy, I might be interested in asking for a position, but meh, I'm probably too young anyways... Gain, congrats at the new spots.
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