Chemical warfare from the serial attacker?

Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. The second search for Caoihme Kaie's Arden'sla - Déstiq Bhol - has lead officers and psychologists to the scene of yet another murder just outside Bhim, and at which Oran Cipher arrived minutes later.

    After two and a half hours of patience, Oran Cipher stated that the murderer is now implementing "chemical warfare" against innocent pendragons.

    Déstiq (29) was living at the Janardan Academy and had done so for some years previous. He was enrolled to study Psychology and Botany and was due to graduate in the top band of his class.

    After some questioning, Oran Cipher confirmed that Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) was used to kill Déstiq.

    Upon contact, HF causes no painful burns, but it does get absorbed into tissue and can take many hours before the effects are apparent.

    Once HF is absorbed into tissue, an act of Fluoride Cation (where positively charged ions move towards negatively charged ions) then takes place. It combines with calcium in bones to dissociate it from the bone, essentially liquefying bones slowly. Necrosis of skin and tissue occurs soon afterwards.

    By the time the affects are noticeable it is often too late to save the victim entirely. Sometimes amputation of limbs can slow the rate of necrosis, but rarely stops it.

    Blood samples have been taken by the WPD and will be undergoing analysis. Relatives have been notified and permission to carry out a detailed investigation has been given.

    Psychologists working closely with Oran Cipher are still saying they can crack this case and are beginning to build an image of the kind of Pendragon that could be doing all of this.

    As things stand, the police are looking for a dark/black pelted Pendragon, between the heights of five feet and seven feet tall and of an unstable background. In addition police also suspect the murderer watches their victim from nearby and attacks when no one else is aro--

    [Gun shot]

    Oran Cipher has been hit!

    --End Transmission--
  2. *gasp* =O the plot thickens.
  3. Kurt: "Dude, I think I saw this episode of CSI: Bhim before."

    Krike: "Uh... I think it's live."

    Kurt: "That's what the show is trying to do, then they cut to commercials."

    Krike: "No, really. That 'dragon was seriously just shot. It's not CSI... CSI doesn't even come on for another five hours!"

    Kurt: "...Oh... Well it would make for a good episode though!"

    Krike: Palm connects to face.
  4. ..You're psychotic. XP
  5. <span style='color:red'>I love this plot. X3</span>
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