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Thread in 'Help Desk' started by Beast, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. I made avatars for my characters -- all gifs, 100 x 100 pixels & under 60kb, filling the requirements -- yet every time I try to upload them, I get the error message that follows:


    Image uploaded is not of the required dimensions."

    Am I stupid or is something going wrong? :c
  2. i have the same problem >.<
  3. Hm, it looks like I probably missed a line when I was changing the file paths. I'll look into it. Should be an easy fix. :)
  4. c: Thanks for looking into it.

    I've just tried again to upload the avatars & unfortunately it's not working. Now it says


    1 Image uploaded is not of the required dimensions."
  5. All the weird random text is just me debugging. I believe the problem actually lies somewhere in the integration with our content management system. Something, somewhere, is actually eating up the avatars before they can even hit the temporary directory.

    We have an infestation of the Nothing. ;_;

    So I'm still working on it. I'll let you know once it's been fixed. I'll nip this thing in the butt yet.
  6. No! Not the nothing! *cry of terror*

    I just watched that movie the other day... :musicnote: Its a small world blah blah blah... :musicnote: *shuffles away*
  7. Character avatar uploading is working again. :)
  8. :D Thanks Jodie!
    You're magnificent.
  9. Awesome sauce! Got mine updated ^^ hur hur hur
  10. Awesome sauce. :D Glad everyone is able to update their character avatars now.
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