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Thread in 'General Chat' started by shriker, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. The character profiles have been updated. I got rid of the tabbed view, making all of the information appear on one page, and made them more reminiscent of Ezboards old profiles. CSS customization should be coming shortly... for those who want to change the colour and look of their character profiles. I'm going to be writing up a short tutorial for that as well.

    And, in case people have forgotten, Ramath-lehi is still looking for Game Masters. Ajita, Mansukh, Notios Sudesha, and Trilok are all still open. Check out the Headquarters</a> page for more information on the subject and the staff application form.
  2. Aw. Cue the nostalgia with the profiles. Excellent job, Jodie, as always.

    And yes! Apply! Us staffers don't bite... -cough- ;]
  3. *Squiggles and bribes people with pendragon treats* Appplllyyy.
  4. I dunno, I've been thinking about applying, I kinda haunt ramath as is... >.< But I don't think I'd be a good GM... And I have the strangest feeling some of the things I've done for plots and such have made me a bit... "unpopular"... GJ bout the char thingies by the way ^^
  5. Yesy Shriker good job! Me likey!

    Re Gm applications.... I would like to apply but I'm not sure my odd activity thingy is any help x.x

    Plus I've run RPG's before so I know a lot about them lol :)

    Should I try anyway???
  6. I'm HERE ON TIME YAY!!! I'm gonna apply. I doubt I"ll get it though...

    =_O .... *twitchtwitch* i went.. through that whole..... application... and i need a letter... of recommendation..... *_* OHHH THE AGONY!!

    T_T now i'll never get Gm....
  7. I've been thinking about applying.. but i dont know if i'd be very good at it... hmmm... i dunno... keh...
  8. Very weird change with the profiles - but I like it. ^^ It looks better, in a sense, though I guess the colours could be closer to the site.
  9. I know what you mean about the colours. :] I just picked a few that were from Ramath's first layout, lol. The current layout we're using right now is going to be changing eventually though... and you're going to be able to customize your character profile colours too. ^^
  10. *has applied anyway hoping for success*
    must.. own.. Trilok..
  11. I'm going to apply ^^

    I doubt I will be accepted but it's worth a try xDD
  12. w00t! Go me for being swallowed by homework! >.<

    The new character pages look awesome, Jodie. awesomeawesomeawesome. +1 intelligence, or something. xD

    I'm gonna go get some sleep now, because I'm totally wiped out. aiiieeeeee. I'm having RP withdrawl. *cries* ;_;
  13. I like the new character profiles.

    Ps; Sorry about my awful application. I deserved to get rejected.
  14. i thought I got rejected, because they moved your name and put it in the place where mine was... *whew*

    I was scared for a hot second.
  15. how do i get a pic for my bio
  16. Next time post in the help forum please. :)

    To get an image to show up for a character the first thing you must do is upload a 95x95 pixel graphic (jpg, png or gif) to a free hosting service online. Then you need to take the URL of the image and paste it into the "Popup Avatar URL" field that shows up where you edit your characters. Save it and it should show up.
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