Resolved Character Clean-up?

Thread in 'Help Desk' started by Eniar, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. I was wondering if someone could delete a few of my characters. I don't think they really generate much muse, and it would be nice to come back with some new faces.

    Thrai Bwekxa-1535

    Please and thank you. ^^;
  2. aw, jynx! well, if you leave with her, you got to come back and roleplay with me with a new character! d:
  3. Haha, okay. :) I plan on bringing in new characters, so you can take your pick.
  4. Bump. Just making sure Jods sees this.
  5. Thank you! It'll be nice to look at my old babies later on. :)
  6. Welcome. :]

    I just accepted your new character too. Finally getting through this queue of submissions. Woo!
  7. Hehe, thanks again! :D
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