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Thread in 'World Building' started by shriker, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. I'm doing some sketches for the character builder! It's just going to focus on character's heads so that things don't get too overly complicated. So essentially you'll end up building out a bust of your character. :)

    So far these are the options that I have:

    Muzzle Types
    1. Snub (snake-like nose, very Takula-esque)
    2. Slim (Fox-like)
    3. Broad (Wolf-like)
    4. Blunt (Feline)
    Ear Types
    1. Short/Rounded (Bear/Otter/Mouse)
    2. Tufted (Feline)
    3. Medium (Canine)
    4. Long (Jodie's stupid long ears)
    5. Aquabat (Jodie's stupid long ears with "ribbing")
    Rough Examples
    builder-aquabat-snub.png builder-round-slim.png builder-long-broad.png
    Let me know if there's anything else you think should belong to the "base" options. I won't be taking into consideration: hair/hair styles, eyes, mutations, or any other sort of accessory at this point.
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  2. Perhaps a few eye types might be fun? Large innocent/doe like, narrow seductive, intense looking, sleepy, happy... just some suggestions.
  3. Maybe have a variation of ears more like a jack rabbit or a deer, thiner-ish at the base.
    And I'm thinkin' for Anubians, they may need a muzzle style that is more stream-lined with the forehead.
  4. I like. Hm... I might end up "chibi-izing" them a little more, just to make all of the differences easier to manage. Still not entirely certain, but it'd probably work out a little better that way.
  5. not sure if this is still in the works but it would be fun to spend glims on add ons for the bust's? Horns, accessories, wings... ect. Not sure how difficult that would be or if it even applies at this point.
  6. This is really neat! Totally didnt see this before but this idea is pretty wonderful. :3
    Maybe add a more dragon/reptilian/lizard snout? (something with a longer reptilian muzzle then the snakey one.)

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