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Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. The Chafuo Department of Justice have today arrested a Khell known to the authorities for being, "excessively graphic in his attitude towards death and murder".

    Still without comment, the Watani Police are operating a closed doors procedure. Detectives and Forensics Teams are almost living in Watani Departments, with frequent deliveries of food stuffs and large bottles of water. Later today we are expecting to hear from Detective Mohir's personal student, Oran Cipher (a 19 year old Takula), on what he believes the murders of late mean.

    Oran Cipher has a track record for surpassing his classmates in Forensic Sciences, Psychology and Lateral Thinking&Problem Solving - as held infrequently by Watani Police in varying locations, designed to test and stretch the thinking power of potential new employees.

    Turning his hand from the age of 15 to purely Psychology, Oran is a respected Psychologist among his unit and has said he can crack this case in a week.

    Returning to the CDJ and the arrest, Kayr "Mitre" Har'a, 44 of Aurius, was apprehended in his submerged city by local officers just before he departed for Swaraj, tipped off by informants that Kayr allegedly plotted the murders of Kimera, Daryn Kieber, Mikaela, Suju'Jai and Nokyln Krishna.

    All data storing equipment, papers, books and notepads have been seized. The CDJ proclaim that, "Ramath-lehi will now forever be safe from this elusive tyrant".


    Oran Cipher from the WPD speaks:

    "Djaasemdt, ump shumc iyo ull vyj kynemd. Greetings, and thank you all for coming. As you must be aware, the CDJ have arrested a Khell believed to be responsible for the horrific, and tragic, loss for families across Ramath-lehi. We have received many messages from displeased and indeed angry residents who do not believe the Watani Police have done enough to ensure the safety of all those in our jurisdiction - and in fact believe we have not communicated with other stations around the globe in an effort to prevent any further loss of life.

    I am here now to declare that the CDJ have the wrong person. [Reporters and Pendragons alike begin to talk among themselves, seemingly surprised]. Kayr Har'a, while known to us as well as Chafuo for speaking graphically in public and causing fear, is mentally unstable and therefore unable to commit himself to such unthinkable acts.

    Speaking logically, to perform acts such as these reported recently, the Pendragon - of whichever denomination - responsible is methodical and certain in their actions.

    You have all heard talk. You have not seen facts. Today I bring you - facts.

    At the site of Nokyln Krishna's murder, and with the assistance of H Clan aquabats - specifically Hexium H39 - we were able to professionally investigate the site itself. [Detective Cipher reveals from a dark plastic bag a long, thin, black hair]. Neither Nokyln nor Suju'Jai had black pelts. It does not take a genius to see either that the ochre Har'a isn't black pelted, either. Clearly, nor am I, [Detective Cipher is himself white with black and grey splashing] which leads me to one conclusion:

    Our culprit has thick, black fur.

    Fact 2: Our culprit - as I believe there is only one and so agree with the CDJ - took a moment to dry off after boarding the 3.3 Million Khasi luxury boat, and in so doing shook loose a hair. This hair. Which means that their DNA can be analysed; we can build an image of this murderer, and we can catch them. We will catch them. Thanks to this one hair they so carelessly left behind.

    Thank you. Expect to here from me again tomorrow. Same place.[Detective Cipher leaves]"
  2. Man, I hope they catch the killer soon.
  3. Krike reading and commenting Pfff... Come on! It also doesn't take a genius to know that the fur probably belongs to some shape shifter. Bunch of luck that'll do! Oh, or perhaps it was bloody planted! There's no way they'll catch this dude, the trail is stone cold by now...

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