Catastrophe in Crimson

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    Late Tessera
    The sky throbbing crimson was soon joined by a low humming sound. It started softly at first, but then grew exponentially in intensity. It wasn't long before even the air felt as if it were vibrating with invisible hyper-charged energy. The sound grew louder and louder still. It quickly developed into a full blown rumble — a sound, that many said afterwards, seemed very much like the ferocious roaring of a thousand violent beasts.

    When the roaring reached its crescendo there was another flash of brilliant light. The masses who had had their eyes trained on the heavens were temporarily blinded. After the effects of the flash had subsided, the deathly crimson was gone. Instead in its wake, there was another colour: a white-washed aqua.

    The soft blue-green tones spread out and wove across the planet, as if to save it from the destructive crimson light that many believed had threatened all Ramathian existence. As the taks turned into mosas, the subdued aqua thinned and dissipated altogether... leaving nothing but clear blue skies.

    To the casual onlooker in Watani, it had been a magical yet frightening experience.

    In other parts of the planet, it had turned into something <em>much</em> more terrifying.

    It was Ajita that felt the catastrophic consequences the heaviest. When the red light had been pulsing... Ajita had been falling. The prestigious city in the sky had taken a series of tumbles as the Fronima-powered generators that held it up temporarily sputtered and failed. The result was chain of earthquakes that ripped apart the land. Fortunately the back-up power supply kicked in before the entire floating continent was lost to the seas.

    Residual tremors ravaged Ajita's lands as the magicka supplying the Fronima generators fluctuated. It was decided promptly that the generators would be completely turned off and that Ajita would rely solely on its back-ups. The question everyone was asking now was, "Would the back-up generators hold? If so, for how long?"

    It was a question that no one could answer with confidence. At 13:52, the order went out to fully evacuate Ajita. It was unsafe.

    An estimated 60,000 people on Ajita alone that day were killed and more than 200,000 were injured.

    Unfortunately, this was only the beginning.
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