Caoihme Kaie returns to work

Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. The two miles search radius around Janardan Academy, intended to locate young Caoihme Kaie (19), has seen her official return to her work place in Bhim today. As much as this news has been relief for many students and officers alike, there is a distressing factor which is still linking Caoihme with the attacks.

    Caoihme used to have tawny fur, but now has steely silver - and although the fur itself is in good condition, it is clearly not hers. This has provoked yet another search for more missing pendragons around Ramath-lehi, and given rise to the query surrounding the actual whereabouts of Caoihme's partner.

    The 'under-cover' agent, reported earlier as being within close proximity of the confirmed culprit has not reported back to the WPD, so two more additional hunts are on - which now brings the number of simultaneous searches to 3. Sceptics are saying that - if this continues - the WPD will be very thinly spread around locations under their jurisdiction, when before only mild presence was necessary.

    Psychological analysts working in the WPD have suggested that the culprit can't be working alone, for they believe there is no way a pendragon without wings could have been to all these places, plotted, successfully attacked and escaped in time to commit their next murder.

    In terms of gender, they are not commenting, and even Oran Cipher is being slightly more subdued than before. His previous lead - the black hair - seems to be unmentioned in low-key, off the record, conversations.

    The warning given some time ago for students in Vivuli to stay with friends or family close to the Janardan Academy still stands, but some urgency has been reduced. Nonetheless, until such a time that the WPD states otherwise, this warning is to be taken seriously.

    Look for updated articles now nehlt and jipd-sena!
  2. <span style='color:red'>Aha, the plot thickens.</span>
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