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Thread in 'Media Communication' started by Denizen, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. Mikaela Ari Yir, aged 12 (a Feydragon in Boreios Sudesha) is the latest victim in the recent string of missing and murdered Ramathians. In light of Detective Mohir's resignation, questions surrounding resolving these crimes and bringing the culprit - or culprits - to justice are on the table, and confidence in the Watani police is at an all time low, according to a survey of approximately 300 residents.

    Students of the Pjaunfaubaj School of the Arcane were expected to gather today to show their respects - if the truth of Mikaela's death hadn't been released. Another smaller survey was concluded a while ago, in which the results show that none of the students want to go near Mikaela's home. A state of lock-down is being talked about (some more than others) by the students of the School of the Arcane.

    Lecturers are being more reserved and refusing to comment.

    Mikaela Ari Yir was found by her mother, Rubi Kya (a well known and trusted Doctor in Vivuli and a travelling nurse for the area of the Krishna Sea Islands). Rubi is said to have been searching for her Niotie, because her school had informed Rubi that Mikaela hadn't attended the morning sessions.

    Found in her bedroom, Rubi apparently called to the silhouette of her daughter in her darkened room, and heard no response. When she turned the lights on, Mikaela was looking forwards, sitting on chair, and resting her arms on her knees with her paws pointing inwards and her hands clasped loosely. Rubi could not identify at that point what was wrong.

    However, when Doctor Kya leant down beside the 12 year old victim, she noticed a strand of white against Mikaela's fur. As any mother would, Doctor Kya went to remove the strand, but - and according to Rubi and her husband Professor Yir (who was in Swaraj at the time and took the phone call during a business meeting) - the white strand was part of a thread used to seal Mikaela's fur back together after being stuffed.

    At the moment, no police have entered the home. Rumours are circulating that Detective Mohir's personal student will be taking over from him, but we have yet to see an officer actually take charge of this investigation.
  2. okay.. well i would say keep your children inside... but obviously that doesn't work does it? *hides*
  3. This is odd... I serious kidnapper/killer targeting youths... Using what crime knowledge I have (Fairly little), by plotting out the areas where the crimes happened, you could follow a possible trail and predict where the next crime will happen. There is a skim-to-none chance the victims are connected in any way at all, but it is usually good to check anyways with friends. A study of the areas they disappeared in, their homes, schools, workplace, would possibly make a few suspects in anything custom made by the same dealer was purchased for/by the youths. Say, perhaps, a custom jeweler that only makes a few pieces every so often that would need personal information to send their wares, one suspect right there, the said jeweler would easily pick out targets.
  4. Well... at least the killer isn't like, wearing the skins Buffalo Bill style. :x
  5. D:

    omg, thats horrible!

    i wasn't expecting that!

    oh man, i'm freaked.... i could see that in a movie >>;
  6. I'm also freaking out. This killer (or killers) is very creepy.
  7. <span style='color:purple'>Ooooo. stuffed Feydragon....sounds like a Ral fan plushie.

    Poor thing...</span>
  8. HEY.

    i feel a lawsuit ensueing. "murderer gets sued for making mockery feydragon's career choice"
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