Thread in 'General Chat' started by Sage, May 24, 2008.

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  1. *Gives Mori(Is it okay if I call you Mori?) a slightly mishapen cookie* Meh, came out better than expected xD.

    Oh, and in order to try and kill my bordom, I have started a thread in Vivuli(sp?) jungle. Join in if ya want.
  2. i cant im going to work in like 5 mins ;_; sooo early :( it makes me tired and sad :(
  3. Meh, dont worry about it. Theres always later, no? *Hugs* ^^
  4. start a pillow fight on ramath-lehi, that's always fun.

    *whacks sage with flufy pillow*
  5. *Makes a pillow cannon* Right-o.
  6. *Calls in Pillow Airstrike*

    And they said I was crazy to load up a B-17 with pillows.
  7. *Calls in a pillow nuke*Heheheh.
  8. space sadalight pillow lazzer beam!

  9. *Calls in the..Pillow deathstar! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
  10. The pillow deathstar isn'ta good idea *sends in one little pillow to find th only weak point and blow it up*

    Star wars anyone XD
  11. *Throws a pillow at Mori* You killed my death star..>.<
  12. [​IMG]

  13. just incase i'll do this

    *pillow heal*

    this'll heal my pillow fighters when i blast that pillow death star out of the sky!


    ohhhh mori and sage already bet me to it.
  14. *evil cackle* ABWAHAHAHAHAHCOUGHHACK HAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa *sneezes*
  15. ahhh it hurts! (what is it?) ahhhhhhh!

    *counter attack: pillow box in!*
  16. Whoa, whats happening? O-o
  17. apillow fight has entered your thread XD
  18. Indeed. *Starts throwing pillows at everyone.*
  19. *summons bouncy pillow land*

    He he bouncy! *dodging pillows using the land*
  20. *Marches in with a tri-barreled multiautomatic pillowlauncher* Mawhahaha the fey returns!

    *shoots everybody with purple and black pillows* fear the purple! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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