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  1. The Black Market description isn't very detailed about the actual physical surroundings -- and seeing as I now have two threads there, I'd like to figure it out!

    So, I see something sandy. I don't know why. Sandy and lots of white booths. Maybe like this:</a> or ... xRO061.jpg</a>

    How about sharing ideas of what it looks like and getting some input from le Jodie, ehhhh?
  2. I see, muck and dirt and dengy streets...kinda like aladin during the street rat song...ha ha
  3. I've kind of seen parts of it looking something like; ... ck/154.jpg</a> ... ock/10.jpg</a> ... ock/19.jpg</a>
    Screen shots from an episode of Dr.Who

    But in my mind there are also nicer areas, like near the Blackrune Casino, as well as an area near the ocean, which would be cleaner in my mind.
  4. Oh yeah! I am seeing it!
  5. I'm thinking of thin, hard-edged streets... cracked cobblestone streets dusted in pale sand with the occasional pavement in the finer parts of the Market. The air isn't at all clean - it strinks with industry, smoke and sea. The best, most expensive booths are in a central area, with clear visibility - these are the ones that will get the most buyers; the ones on the edge don't have as many customers, and cost less. Polybloods in tatters leaning on the walls, pickpocket teenagers scrounging for dropped coins and such. The arcitecture is mostly coastal woods to make shacks, the booths with plastic, metal and stone for protection, and the more important buildings of glass, metal and stone.
  6. aha!

    playing it in a more urban setting makes sense of me, it just wasn't the initial image in my head. so, maybe this is a good preamble talk to making the black market description more definitive?
  7. Yush. Let us present the idea to da entire Grand Superstaffical Council, shall we? x3
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