Ban on Magicka

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    Late Tessera
    For many, this was a time of relearning how to do things. Many simple household objects, from toasters to personal vehicles, were deemed unsafe to use. The roaming Fronima anomalies were also making things even more difficult to control. Fear was entrenching itself into the very core of Ramath-lehi.

    To the north in Boreios Sudesha, the tips of the Nyonge Mountain Range spontaneously burst into colourful flames. The odd thing about this fire was that even though it looked dangerous as it swirled with various beautiful colours of the rainbow – it was safe to touch and gave off no heat. The flames, as many remarked, appeared to work very much like tail flames did. Which of course meant that even though it was not burning anyone or anything now, it had the potential to burn.

    Aurius, which had risen up from the depths of the ocean with minimal incidents, was faced with a similar puzzling plight. Overnight the sea around the city had frozen solid, thus stopping the myriad of electric powered boats that had been making trips back and forth with supplies and passengers.

    Inside of the domes it had begun to snow. Pure white snow floated and blew around inside the multiple domes, giving the impression of newly shaken snowglobes. Niotee and adults alike were hesitant at first, but then delighted to have this strange gift of cold. Citizen gathered in the vast streets. It was fun.

    Fun until the rumbling started of course. Then things took a turn down a deadly path. Ice spikes shot up from the ground in the south west corner of Aurius. They exploded upwards and smashed through the once protective dome that had once shielded the massive trade district. In that instant, an estimated 35,000 citizens had their lives snatched away from them.

    It was quickly realized that although this was an incident spurred by the flux in Fronima; it was also a purposeful attack. Aurius was being held captive by a madman who was feeding off of the Fronima surges. A call for immediate assistance went out.

    It was Hainfor Jinorik, the esteemed councillor of Law and Justice, that rose up to address the dangerous Fronima situation with the implementation of a new law. “Fronima is a violence and death-enabling beast, and at this moment in time, there is no telling what it is fully capable of. There are also those who would abuse such power in these desperate and trying times. From this point on, until we have deemed things safe... All usage of Fronima and magicka as a power source is banned. Those found breaking this law will be taken into custody by the military and dealt with accordingly. Thank you for understanding.”
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