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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Siaka, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Hey y'all, not sure who remembers me, I've been absent because of sheer amount of work, but I'm looking to start roleplaying again if anyone is interested. =)
  2. Welcome back Siaka!
  3. who are you? never seen you before. lol only joking, welcome back. :D
  4. Welcome back to the land of the living. :) I'm currently open for threads. :musicnote:
  5. i'm open for threads!!! my current job mooooore than allows it.

    hey, jods, want to do a thread too? is vythe super non-existent, or could we manage a plot between him and lamaria? if he is in crash rubble, i can work with that c:
  6. Sure can do. :D

    I think Lamaria would be a good choice. Vythe is certainly in the crash rubble of Ajita. XD They'd probably still be combing for folks there.
  7. okay... hmn, to opt for stuck in the rubble with him or be healing outside. just curious... how much of inner sight and empathy is controlled by Fronima? would Lamaria be able to practice at all?
  8. Quite a bit, fortunately they aren't things that can harm other people too much (although would certainly cause some confusion on the user side). She'd be able to practice, but because Fronima is still in a state of flux, things will come and go. What worked two hours ago, might only work half as good, or twice as good, or not at all, etc. It'd make for an interesting situation. :D
  9. great! do you want me to start, or yoooou?
  10. Ahh, either or. I have some time tonight. :)
  11. c: go for it!
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