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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Straken Kavor, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone! ^^ I've made a nice fun post over here for everyone to check out.

    This is going to be a fun plot. Daemon's an elemental kinesis master, and due to the present flux of fronima, well I figured "hey, why not amplify someone's power instead?" I's got the A-OK's to go ahead with it, and whammo, we now have a plot!

    Let me just point out though that Daemons' power is amplified something like ten or twenty times. ^^ So consider the fact that you're taking on ten or twenty master-grade elemental kinesis 'dragons at once before running headstrong into battle. ^^

    Anyone's welcome to join, and feel free to try to kill Daemon. Heck, that's the point, isn't it? Dude's gone crazy like Joker from Batman!
  2. Biggs and Wedge... classic. XD

    I've just edited your In Character post to include the proper timestamp.
  3. Aw nuts, I knew I forgot to stick that in there. xD Biggs and Wedge are the best of the best, ya know?
  4. S'okay. :) The In Character news article reflecting the situation is also up now.

    Also, if anyone else wants to incorporate another plot into the world-wide plot, let me know. This Aurius thing fit so perfectly with the new magicka law. Bwahaha.
  5. Oh my god! I got Magicka banned! xD Awesome! That's, like, an epic feat for me. ^^

    Also, welcome to the plot Pendzez Zazkex! Happy to have ya.

    To be fair, if I don't get a post from anyone else in a few days, I'll slap another up, but for now I'm gonna wait for a few more people. I want tons of involvement, 'cause I'm totally greedy for RP. :3
  6. I definitely wanna join but the only character I have who can do anything is Gunner and that already doesn't make sense. lol Ahh not to mention I never got to finish that weredragon plot with him. PFF.

    This is so awesome though, I looovvee this new plot thing going on. :D Good job guys!
  7. thanks for the welcome. I look forward for any action involved.
  8. I'll love to join with my Metarist. so yeah going to now.
  9. I'm joining with Shiden. Forgive me if I am a little rusty. :)
  10. Ooh, a character with authoritative power! Awesome.

    This plot's moving along just swimmingly! ^^ Still gonna hold out for a few more people before I toss up my next post - and don't worry, it won't be quite as long as the first one.

    Also, go right ahead Adun. ^^ The more the merrier.<br /><br />-- Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:47 pm --<br /><br />I'm normally not one to double-post, but does anyone still have any interest in this plot? o.o
  11. I have read what you have posted so far in the Assault on Auris and I like it alot but I don't think my character could 'fit in' well as I think she is coldblooded I am also new here and am not sure how to start or even where or when to start.

    (how would my Syleika get to places from her random roaming in the deep warm jungle and what other places would be with in walking distance from the jungles and where are the jungle threads?)

    *Sorry for crossing threads there I know that part should be in newbie thread or something but yeah new to the whole set up of these things inc general forum usage.*

    I had a thought on how Deamon was it? Could be killed… well humans contain a lot of water but we can still drown given too much perhaps the same could be said of our fromina based frost-fire fiend? I.e. if we all join our forces / talents / magicka / fromina in a channelled attack (through the gifts of a dreamweaver / seer / mentalist or something) perhaps focused on his ‘fragile’ mind we could crack the shell of his power making way for the physical attack to finish him off? We would need a lot more player involvement to pull it off I think.


  12. Best idea I've heard in awhille. May actualy work but for a crazy deamon with absurb powers, need a strong mind to control that power (and more if need be so).
  13. Do you mind if i join? Razorback has been collecting dust but my RPing is a little rusty this will be a good chance for me to get back into my usual RPing style.
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