Plots Aquabats? Ideas wanted!

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Slightly, May 17, 2014.

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  1. Hya!

    (Maybe I should have put "players wanted" because I would like to get a thread started ultimately.) -shrug-

    I'd like to get an, you guessed it, Aquabat themed thread going! I'm still working on my character's background and history but I'd love to take her out for a spin. I created her own pack/pod the WPack. (hopefully that's okay?) The are a deep sea pack that is little seen because they are deep sea dwellers! I'm pretty open to ideas and I'm new to Shadowlack so just learning about the world here. It might be interesting to start a new Pack of some sort and become active with that and build some IC bonds. My character also has a fascination with land 'dragons and boats that i'm sure could possible led to a possible adventure or trouble...

    Throw me a bone I'm ready to get my hands dirty! :P

    Also a little side note- is it just me, or are things a little inactive around here?
  2. A new pack would totally be awesome!

    I've been trying to gear up my characters for a space adventure, so can't really help out too much on an Aquabat front. D: Although I could potentially try to drop someone into Aurius if you happen to have someone visiting.

    As for activity, it waxes and wanes like the moon. :) We've got a lot of lurkers and not too many folks who actually post.
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  3. Oh, oh! I don't have an aquabat but I have an ex-pirate / regular boat traveling character! (Xairyn)

    I could definitely see her having connections with an aquabat pod. Maybe they saved her after a shipping accident or maybe she saved them from competitor pirate using their territory as a trade route. Maybe they just like to hang out on the same island. I'm pretty much open to anything :D

    I kind of think that our regular lurker population might come out of lurking if we can stir up a bit of activity. Just gotta get some stuff going :3
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  4. -puts thinking cap on- You know Lautir I think we might be on to something here. I like the idea of the 'bats being involved with some pirate trade of some sort. Whether that was in the past or on going. I haven't pulled up your characters profile yet but i'm guessing that the former pirate had been involved in illegal trade of sorts?

    @Iversia Let me see if I can come up with an idea for why my character might leave her pack briefly to head to the city. Or why the whole pack might go there. I'm not sure how civilized they are. Do auqabats as a species have higher mortality rates because they tend to be less civilized? If one were to get wounded badly hunting or in a territorial dispute would the entire pack go inland to find someone able to treat their comrade? Or would the injured one be more likely to go by themselves? Or would they not go at all and hope for the best in whatever body of water they happen to be in? What reasons would they tend to have for going inland? How uncommon would it be for them to go inland?

    Sorry for the question storm!
  5. Questions are good! I'd imagine that the Aquabats would have slightly higher mortality rates than the average Ramathian, however they are much more civilized than say, the Takula.

    As for whether or not an entire pack would go inland... I don't think it'd be that common at all. Maybe a few adventurous individuals, but I kind of doubt that an entire pack would go to find help if someone were severely injured (unless that individual was *very* important and they were driven by desperation). I'd say that 9 times out of 10, their reason for going inland at all would be to conduct some sort of trade/bartering.

    Now you've got me wondering though... haha. Might be time to update the Aquabat wiki page a little bit.
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  6. The Aquabats are still pretty mysterious culture-wise. I did give Malvin a temporary Aquabat adviser as a kind of knowledge exchange agreement but I'm pretty sure that kind of thing would be pretty rare.

    @Slightly - Yep! She was into all sorts of illegal trades and market stuff. She's legally not allowed to pick up those habits again but she still has most of her connections and still feels a pull towards the life style. I'm now thinking about what they might have been trading. I could see Aquabats having a role in things like pearl gathering or other precious stones from deep sea areas. Or they could have been hired to protect certain ships coming through their territory. Hmmm...
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  7. @Lautir I pretty much like all of those ideas. Stoked on the protecting idea in particular! Do we want this set on open water or should we try to do it around Aurius? If @Iversia wanted to throw someone in? If not I say open water. That sounds exciting :)
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  8. Ahha, by all means go ahead and do open water without me. That sounds like it'd turn out to be a pretty awesome thread. :)
  9. Open water it is then :3

    @Slightly, do you have a ocean location that makes up the pods main territory? I can have Xairyn drive by in a new boat that they don't recognize (pirating vessels have been confiscated) so the pod can be curious about it / worried it might be hostile? Maybe it's been a few years since they've seen each other face to face since Xairyn's plea bargain made her cut ties pretty suddenly.
  10. I like it. I think they favor the ice caps for larger prey but they def have a migration going. (Going through waters of Sumundra, Hrishikesh, and Krishna. I am sure this is too large of a range but... maybe its not? And they are magical? and this is fiction? ha ha) As I am not a marine biologist quiet yet I am not totally sure about this but I think most whales and sea life try to have their younger in warmer waters and that typically around the spring. As the young get stronger they move them towards colder waters. I guess I'm mostly thinking of humpback whales here.... not sure how much that applies here on a foreign totally alien planet ha ha but that's kinda what my thought is as far as WPack's migration pattern. So really depending on the time of yer we could put them wherever makes the most sense.

    I've also sort of made an entire Pack... while trying to figure out my own character I gave it some thought and built a little family tree. It got away from me quickly. No real details about them just traits that are common to WPack and everyone's role in the pack. I think they will mostly serve a NPC purpose but I may end up giving life to one of them eventually or if anyone else felt like taking one on themselves and making one of them their own character that would but 110% awesome!

    I don't know what I keep hitting but the font size for what i'm typing keeps choosing a random area and making it huge? I need to go to sleep... no contacts in typing is a risky game.
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  11. Yeah, they would definitely cover a fair bit of ground if they're migratory. I think it's still rather unknown how much Aquabats "settle down". Do they have cave like homes underwater? Any sort of 'farms' or locations they use as a constant food supply? (I don't think anyone knows yet :p )

    I found your pack on reading Orcina's profile :3 Xairyn might have an NPC crew with her but a small one. None of whom I've put any thought into yet though!

    Okay, I'll choose a location from the ones listed and maybe get a thread up in the next few days! We can keep brainstorming Aquabat traits here in the mean time.
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  12. Sounds good to me!
  13. Hey!

    Sorry I haven't replies yet! Swear I haven't forgotten. I am wildland fire fighting this summer for the BLM in central Oregon and our station doesn't have non- government internet so I have a hard time getting online to do anything. I'll reply as soon as I'm able!!
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