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  1. Sure thing... *reads*

    Okay, just a couple things: all in all, it's good. I'm usually exceedingly wary about constructing the History as a story, but in this case you've done it well enough to explain his past.

    Next, you *should* replace instances of "dad" and "son" with the IC lingo, to make it sound that much better.

    I'm so glad you didn't turn around in the history and say he killed his dad. Good job on keeping it real, and well supported too. I'm pleased to see you invoked PLAUSIBLE reasons for his dad's actions.
  2. Lol, yeah, I kind of already started it as a story then realised halfway it would be extremely hard to explain without narration... x_X;

    IC lingo would be... thill and arden and among other things right?

    *wonders why the word 'plausible' is in capital letters.*

    Oh and, sorry for posting in the wrong section. Didn't see the subboard, lol.
  3. The word plausible is in capital letters because it's common for people to say that their dad did something because he was told to. Personally when I see things that read along the same lines, I tend to wonder just how shallow the dad (or subject matter) really was. So capital letter to emphasise how much I appreciate your decision making =)

    And here's a</a> to the IC lingo. Here's some additional lingo:

    <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE </td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>
        Suffix. Usually used for an instructor/teacher or superior; usually applied to a surname.

        Suffix. Usually used with significant others, loved ones, and children; indicates a very close bond and is always used with the first name or nickname.

        Suffix. An affectionate pet name for loved ones (children or significant others).

        Suffix. Used when expressing gratitude to someone formally; usually applied to first name.

        Usage 1: "Carra'shu", addressing one with the first name "Carra".

        Usage 2: It can also be combined with "ba" when thanking a teacher, instructor, etc. "Thank you, Deiys'ba'shu", addressing a teacher with the last name Deiys.

           1. An newly hatched or very young pendragon.

    I hope that's useful (:
  4. Okay, I tried my best to replace the words with in-character lingo. Is it all right/okay?
    [EDIT] I just realised that "Kiom" is genderless...What am I meant to be replacing? X_X;

    I also noticed that a day is called Pui so I replaced day with pui but I think it's overkill. What do you think?

    Oh and, is that all the affixes in the language? It seems like an interesting idea for the language. A bit unfortunate that it's so short.
  5. In regards to pui being overkill? Not in my opinion. Depends on how "into" the game you are.

    Kiom, meaning an older pendragon? To whom are you applying the term? What I meant by changing things was instances of "son" and the like. "Their nioti/hatchling/young Arden" is how I was thinking.

    There's actually quite a lot more to the language than posted here. I posted only what related to the topic =) Would you like the language?
  6. There must be a link for it? Otherwise, when used in roleplay, no one is going to really know what it means.
  7. I haven't forgotten about your question=) In a word: no. There's no link to it at the moment. I'll PM you the language today.
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