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Thread in 'General Chat' started by shriker, Oct 12, 2014.

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  1. What all has everyone been up to lately? Have you accomplished anything cool? Been anywhere exciting?
  2. I've kind of gotten a new job. By which I mean I'm working for the spin-off start-up from the start-up I was originally working for while still doing my old job about 40% of the time. While it's exciting I'm getting a little tired of bringing my work home in the evening to try and keep up.

    Went back to Winnipeg for Thanksgiving, but that's not very exciting or awesome :p

    Oh, I'm running a NaNoWriMo contest on another site, that's kind of an accomplishment. At least it will be once it's fully accomplished, lol.
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  3. I keep thinking that our generation is the one of start-ups. Kind of gone are the days of trying to get a "steady career" job that our elders seem to expect of us. :/ The job situation is just quite different these days. I've been working with a bunch of start-ups lately too. Go team! :)

    I'm not sure if I'm going to do NaNoWriMo this year. I got so much out of it last year, and while it's fun, I think I might end up dedicating three weeks or so to editing/rewriting instead of speed-writing my way through. I'm at a point it seems where all I want to do is really polish something and potentially put it out there in the world. Kind of scares me.
  4. My parents still ask me constantly is I'm actively looking for something more "stable and permanent". And I'm all "nope". They're pretty hard to find/get and there's a good chance that it means being stuck doing terribly boring work. All my smart friends from school have these jobs that are way below their skill level and they hate them D:

    So woo, go team start-up!

    Being ready for the polishing stage of life is definitely a good sign though! One of those good scaries :) Have something in mind too work on?
  5. Haha, yes. I'm more like, "Retirement? What is that?" There are days when I actually regret going to post-secondary instead of just jumping into the work force. I only did it so that I would appear like more of an authority on the subject (despite getting out of all of the required web development courses with prior learning experience... so, I was only really there for a piece of paper?). Woo, start-ups! At least they let me work with more bleeding edge tech so that I don't have the chance to become stagnant and rusty with skills.

    I've got some ideas for what I want to work on, yes. I really liked a bunch of the weirdness I was writing for Black Shuck a while back, but what I'd really like to do is take a bunch of the Grader conspiracy theories and flesh them out more. I feel as though people should know more about what Zamfir and Karryasa were up to. :3
  6. Yeah, I'm definitely using a wide range of hopefully versitile skill sets here instead of just doing the same thing every day. The extra fancy piece of paper definitely helped get the job but definitely isn't a requirement now that I'm here. So that appearance of authprity does count for something!

    I think I had enough fun in my second degree to justify it though, either that or it was an expensive reasons to move to Montreal :p

    Yesssss, conspiracies :D I've always just assumed the worst for them but had nothing really to go on. Grader's little black book of secrets xD
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  7. I really need to visit Montreal again. ;_;

    The Grader's Black Book of Evil. >:] Actually, I had a lot of things written up that also explained a lot of the weird animosity between Koani and Zamfir. Also a bunch of text on Karryasa, and her never-healing injuries. She was so freaky-deaky wonderful. :heart:
  8. From the shadows I emerge! I'm still subtitling movies/tv shows for a living. I'd actually really like to work for a start-up, and I live in the start-up city in India, but since my college degree led down a road I didn't care to walk I'm yet to find something interesting to which I'd actually be able to contribute.

    I'm getting a bit of writing done on the sidelines but for the greater part I think I'm still drifting through limbo - it isn't necessarily unpleasant though!
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  9. @TheDoodAbides How are you liking adding subtitles to movies? Do you have a slick process? The closest experience I have to that is only screening movies/short films in order to consider their submission into film festivals. :x I haven't done much video annotation, or even much video editing (aside from a few weird animated dorky things).
  10. @TheDoodAbides - I did transcriptions from an interview once and that took shockingly long, I can only imagine how long it takes to sub a whole movie! Given your blogging past an knowledge of social networks you could possibly qualify as someone in communications at a start up. As long as you show initiative they're usually happy!

    @Iversia - Montreal is pretty in the winter! But it's not as pleasant to just explore the neighborhoods , so much ice.

    Yussss, give us all the freaky stories *grabby hands*
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  11. @Lautir Though I quite enjoy transcription, I actually don't do too much of it any more. It does take ages, but I find that it really scratches an itch I have to obsess over things like timing and scene/shot changes.
    Thanks for the idea, I think it's definitely worth exploring. This is still my first job and I think I could use a bit of excitement and experimentation!

    @Iversia I work for a really big company that has offices all over the world (We've actually got an editorial wing in Montreal!) - so I just handle the editorial work. Almost all my work consists of working with the text, so I don't really have too much experience with editing the videos themselves. It's more dealing with specifications than anything else - figure out which client wants what for what. We get all sorts of stuff so sometimes it can be really boring, but other times you stumble across the most amazing documentaries and things that you'd otherwise never have learnt about - so that's pretty great!
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