Anyone want to go to the City of Aurius?

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Madgirl, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Yes I'm looking for a thread with Lukia at Aurius :P Someone PLEASE join me and post with me :) I has cookies! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
  2. Me, maybe? :D
  3. All I could read was Anyone want to go to the Ci and I was really hoping it said "Circus" for some reason. And now I can't get the idea of a traveling Ramathian circus. Could you imaging the "Freak Show" part? They'd have to have some really crazy 'dragons in it, considering all the crazy folks running around RaL already :D
  4. *falls down laughing* The circus would be amazing! Sounds like a plot there :)

    Jynx yeh sure :) Which character were you thinking of? :)

    *hands out cookies*
  5. Alamu, maybe? And there could actually be a traveling circus! That would be awesome! :D
  6. Anyone still want to rp lovelyness :P

    With Lukia and or Selene :P
  7. Maybe Lukia and Alamu could meet up at the circus in Aurius and go exploring together. ;)
  8. Fantastic idea :D Should we start a new thread? :D<br /><br />-- less than a minute ago --<br /><br />Jynx, we still going to the circus? :P
  9. Oh, yeah! And it's up to you if you want to start a new thread or just join Circus will Weep. I don't care either way. :)
  10. you mind if i join in? im bored as if not meh
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