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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by Chirou, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Well, I guess I poofed out of here for quite a while and I think I'm actually bored this time. I'm also trying to do my best in roleplaying skills along with not messing up about the Ramath-lehi universe(example: earth was alive). No, I'm not trapping or forcing people, I'm just wondering if anybody would like to roleplay with me.

    Characters: Chirou & Coa
  2. I think it would be intersting to have Coa meet Paleran Kalmer(A similerly aged youngen whose job is to solve things like a detective using feelings!) and see what Hijinks occur. The two will meet up in whatever situation you want.
  3. Sure. Maybe you should start the topic first (err, I'm afraid if I start it first, it might turn out bad). Do you want Chirou to come too, or is Coa (by herself) okay?
  4. I would love to join. It's been awhile since I've roleplayed on here. Just choose whichever of my characters you think would be best for this.
  5. Okay, we're celebrating mom's birthday today but I promise I can read over everything and get details to you guys by tomorrow if not tonight. I'm suggesting meeting a place I invented up in Gyakasatu by the mountains, The Alexander Glasswing House For The Poor, It's where Paleran lives. Read over his file if you want to know any specifics about him and check out my other charecters if you think it would be cool to have a massive conglomeration of people to show up for this.

    Okay, the Edit starts here.
    I read through all of the profiles and I'm having a little trouble. Shadow has too many good candidates for me to only choose one with any satisfaction. Trislian, Shadow, Tai, Rajjun and Cruu could all prove to make life crazy and difficult(a grade A combonation)for any of the people I could bring in and on second thought Coa might not be so stable without her buddy Chirou....
    Okay, How about we all pick two charecters we think would create the most havoc when thrown into this situation from the start and one back up charecter if it gets to slow?
    Or just picking one char apiece and starting from there if you two aren't as impatient as I am......
  6. Okay, Sorry for the late reply, my parents were getting angry. ^^;
  7. It's cool. Any idea if you want to.... wait you requested just Coa at the begeining...
    Shadow? I think just Bringing Tai should cause enough starting havoc so if there is agreement We can start suggesting thread names, places, etc.
  8. Gah! Sorry to say, but I can't do this right now, maybe somewhere later... A LONG later.
    Unfortunately my parents get mad easily, so I guess I won't be going on the computer for a while. D:
  9. I'm showy!=((

    (I'm sorry!)

    But yeah it's okay. Just get back to the site whenever and we can figure it out.
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